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Las Vegas Bakery for Custom Birthday Cake

Coming to Vegas and celebrating a birthday at Delmonico. I need to order a cake from a local bakery to bring in for the party. Delmonico has suggested Freeds. I visited their web site and I'm not sure their cakes fit the bill. Look like traditional wedding cakes - lots of buttercream, pretty basic types - chocolate, white ete. I was looking for something a bit more exiting. Any ideas of a local bakery that would fit the bill and deliver to the Venetian?

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  1. Freeds has great cakes, just about anything you want. Also Diamond bakery in China Town on Spring Mountain is really good. I don't know about delivery though.

    1. Here are two other places to try....

      Amato's Bakery www.amatosbakery.com


      Leopolds Bakery www.leopoldsbakery.com

      both do wonderful cakes...don't know about delivery....

      1. I agree with Freeds.

        Click on the birthday cakes link. GREAT cake!

        1. You might consider Layers, in Green Valley, although I don't know if they deliver; for very high end and beautiful cakes, I would call the patesserie at the Bellagio, Jean Phillippe. I have seen the most spectacular cakes in there. I am not a huge Freed's fan, but many people swear by it.

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            We thought Freeds was awful, didn't have cake there however.

          2. They make great cakes at Chocolat at Wynn too. I had one made for my Husband's 50th Birthday. He likes Chocolate so I went with all chocolate and chocolate filling but they do other stuff too. But, their chocolate is so good. I didn't think it was that expensive for the quality and what you get. I even bought a few chocolates from the shop and had them add them to the decor on top of the cake. I like it when they do the bows on top his was done in a copper color, the icing, and it was beautiful and sophisticated.

            On another note, I am a fan of the Mexican Tres Leche cakes and I had a half sheet made for a friend leaving work. It was delicious, decorated fun and not so sophisticated more everyday cake like but they did put fresh strawberries on top which was nice, but you can't beat that moist delicious cake! Best cake I ever had. But, I'm more of a custard fan than a real cake fan, so I appreciate the moistness. The bakery I got it from was called like Maria's or something they have a I and II. The name was simple sorry I can't remember it exactly, but I think it was Maria's Mexican Bakery, I believe it was on the corner of Dessert Inn and Tropicana? I think that's right. They have lunch there too, and of course the Mexican breads. Half sheet $50.00. None leftover!

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              The bakery we have used for Tres Leches is Mariana's. They have multiple locations in the valley, but to my knowledge they don't deliver. There is one on Flamingo & Eastern.

            2. I have only had the Chocolate Cherry Torte (which was excellent) from Freed's. My brother tried a chocolate eclair from Freed's and he went on for weeks about how it was the best he has ever had. I can tell you that they make beautiful cakes. They have many pics posted... www.freedsbakery.com.

              I have had the carrot cake from Jean Phillippe patisserie in the Bellagio. Very, very good. Depending on how much you want to spend (they are VERY high end) this may be the choice for you. I can tell you that I seen some of the most beautiful sugar work in there. But you will pay the big bucks for it.
              I purchased my carrot cake from the counter in the patisserie. It was about the size of a medium cupcake, covered in cream cheese frosting and decorated with marzipan carrots, ect and edible gold leaf. Cost was around $6.00.

              Hope this helps!! =)

              1. You sure you looked at all of the cakes on the Freed's website? The Vegas themed cakes are very well done. I've seen a few of them. They've even been featured on the TV Food Network...I'm sure they can change any of the Vegas wedding cakes into Vegas birthday cakes--just take the bride & groom off the top..lol...here's a link http://www.freedsbakery.com/themed_cakes

                1. My friend got a cake from this places after going checking out many bakeries and have to say that their cakes are awesome and so are the prices. We had the strawberry shortcake OMG....Their website is designed in a way that it is easy to get a quote on any cakes and they reply very promptly. I have attached the picture which we got for $180.00, best price in Las Vegas.

                  1. My wife and I didn't save the top of our wedding cake and freeze it for our first anniversary, but seven years later, I had Freeds recreate the cake is a small 6"x6" cake. Only cost me $179. They blamed it on the cost of the fresh flowers. My wife has overjoyed at the surprise and recognized the cake from across the room as the waiter was bringing it to our table.

                    We each had about about half a serving and decided that the cake tasted terrible. Rather than take it home, we sent the remained to the chef and his staff. Frankly glad to be rid of it. I wouldn't ever recommend Freeds to my worst enemy.

                    Get your cake done at Layers in Green Valley and if they don't deliver, tell them to arrange for a messenger service to pick up and deliver to the restaurant.

                    PS: Why yes, that is Heather West, winner of the first season of Hell's Kitchen at our table.

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                      "I wouldn't recommend Freeds to my worst enemy". Ditto!

                      I thought the Layers Bakery website stated that they don't really do specialty cakes? Just round cakes with simple decor? Their cakes are very good though.

                      Retro Bakery has the best designer cakes. (Nice advertisement for the pastry palace above, but a little obvious) Retro has great prices and delivery to the strip. I think they require a week or two notice these days because they're very popular. It's a cupcakery that expanded to full cakes.


                      Retro Bakery
                      7785 N Durango Dr Suite 130, Las Vegas, NV

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                        My husband and I ordered our wedding cake from Freeds. It was stunning! Today, 6 years later, I stll have several guests that comment on how great the cake was - especially the red velvet. I would highly recommend Freeds. I look forward to ordering an anniversary cake on our next visit!

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                          I have a lot of friends who rave about Retro Bakery's cakes...and I know their cupcakes (which they are known for) are wonderful....but two things you should know: the cakes require at least two weeks advance order, or something like that...and they are about as far from the strip as you can get. Its a good 20 or more miles, one way......so unless they will deliver it will require a major schlepp. Trust me, I know, I used to live near Retro....and one of my reasons for moving was that I got tired of the long commute....and my office was 10 miles closer than the strip to my house! You have been warned...double check on that delivery thing.

                          Retro Bakery
                          7785 N Durango Dr Suite 130, Las Vegas, NV

                      2. I would recomment Freed's over & over again! 3 years ago, I got my wedding cake there, and it turned out great. I sampled cakes at 2 other bakeries (can't even remember their names now), and they didn't come close to the taste, appearance, & customizing that Freed's offered.