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Oct 4, 2006 01:59 AM

komi - regular menu or tasting?

i STILL have not eaten at komi (this befuddles me too), but when i finally called to make a reservation, they told me they only do $67 tasting menus on the weekend. While i am willing to shell out money for a really great meal, with wine, that meal would be at least $100, and that's a price i'd like to reserve for special occasions. On the other hand, if i'm going to spend $75 with wine going there on a weekday, i think it'd be more worth it to just eating brown rice for the next 2 weeks ;) i can't find prices on komi's a la carte menu, so i have no idea how much i'd pay on a weeknight.

has anyone eaten from both their regular and tasting menus that has an opinion on whether i can get a great meal on a weekday or if i should just shell out for a weekend tasting menu?

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  1. I have eaten there weekdays but I don't recall a la carte prices; I always do the tasting menu. The tasting menu is only about $70, a real bargain. The wine pairing is about another $35. With tax, tip , you are looking at $135. A bargin for a GREAT meal (certainly among the top 10 in DC). Just go for it and eat miso soup or brown rice for two weeks.

    1. I have not had the a la carte menu, but I have had the weekend tasting menu. It is worth every penny. You should include the wine pairing too. While I didn't care for the "simple" surroundings, the food and service were outstanding. This is one of the best high-end, "meal deals" in the city right now.

      1. The tasting menu at Komi is worth every penny. All those little tastes at the beginning will have you swooning (I remember fondly the little gyros...****sigh****).

        1. I'll joing in with the praise for the tasting menu. Definitely a bargain. I have a copy of the a la carte menu somewhere, I'll see if I can dig it up with prices.

          I don't think there would be much of a price difference though, especially for what you get.

          1. wow, high praises all around for the tasting menu! sounds like i wouldn't really save all that much money with the a la carte menu, so i will just have to suck it up and sink that much money into one meal :( from the sound of it, it'll be worth it though.. thanks for the input!!