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Oct 4, 2006 01:52 AM

2 -Meals for 6 near 5th Ave Suites-this weekend - PDX

Hi All -

Family of LA chowhound seeking great dinners (just don't want to dress up), breakfasts and lunch near downtown. They will not have a car so it will have to be in walking distance. Only qualification will be no Asian.

Thanks in Adavance!

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  1. As you browse the postings on the board, just about anything in The Pearl district, and in Downtown are within your reach – covering overwhelming number of good restaurants.

    Some of my favorites within 5–10 minutes walking distance from your hotel (excluding Asians per your request and NONE that require “dressing up” including the “upscale”):

    PEARL BAKERY (Coffee, pastries, and good bread; but not full breakfast)
    PARK KITCHEN (Upscale weekend-only brunch)

    KARAM (Lebanese; very reasonably priced)
    MOTHER'S BISTRO (Good comfort food, including some Jewish specialties)
    PEARL BAKERY (As above + by lunch time they also have good sandwiches)

    Dinner (Some also open for lunch):
    PARK KITCHEN (Upscale yet casual top northwest food)
    ANDINA (Upscale Peruvian)
    D.F. (Upscale Mexican)
    ELENI’S (Pearl Location. Somewhat upscale Greek/Crete. Good food; inconsistent service)
    GIORGIO (Upscale Italian)
    FRATELLI (Somewhat upscale Italian)
    Also, If you are into overly spendy but good steakhouses: El Gaucho or Ruth Chris.

    1. Thanks Aristo! I can't wait to hear what they end up trying.

      1. If you get lazy, the food at Red Star, which is the hotel restaurant at the 5th Ave Suites, is actually pretty good.

        1. I agree with jeff_pdx, the Red Star Tavern is very good.

          Adding to aristos list, I think Mama Mia, next door to Mothers Bistro ( and owned by the same people) is a good large group of all ages, place for dinner.

          You are a 4 block walk from the Streetcar that takes a loop through the city and takes you to many good restaurants. The Pearl then NW 21st and NW 23rd are just a short ride, you should venture out of the area around the hotel..

          Also on NW Jefferson & 12th is the West Cafe, fireplace, open lunch and dinner, we really like it.