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Oct 4, 2006 12:35 AM

Chili Cheese Dog Chimichanga ????

Besides trying to make one of these myself at home and splattering grease everywhere, does anyone in LA make this? Last time I had was at a golf course in Sylmar (it's closed now)....chili cheese dog wrapped in tortilla and deep fried.


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  1. Sounds like a Variation on the Oki Dog... I'm sure if you asked... they'd do it for ya...


    1. Sounds like something they'd have at Pink's - they have all kinds of chili dog/burrito concoctions. Not sure if they have chimichangas on the menu, but maybe they'd be willing to deep fry a chili cheese dog burrito for you...

      1. Absolutely agree w/ Dommy---OKI DOG! But be forewarned: your intestines will never be the same.