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Oct 4, 2006 12:11 AM

Sushi Zo tonight (not omakase) - What to Order?

After having read glowing reviews, finally heading over tonight (just made a rez for the bar). Not quite in the mood for a full-on omakase. Any suggestions for what to order?

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  1. Just look on the specials board and tell the chef (or his lovely wife) what you like and don't like. You will be very well taken care of! :)


    1. I was there last night (I go about once a week), and sushi is always superb.
      One of the specials last night was scallops (and I am not a huge scallop fan), but it was absolutely amazing. Like Dommy said, ask Keizo about the specials and tell him what you like, and he will take good care of you. And of course, have the Blue Crab roll. Enjoy!

      1. At any sushi restaurant ask the chef what is good today and what he recommends. I heard that they will be insulted if you ask him what is fresh since everything should be fresh. They are usually very accomodating. If you want to ask him in Japanese and get a smile out of him you can say:

        Kyo nani ooishi desu ka?

        1. a lotta people like the butterfish. i'm partial to the tuna variations. their white shrimp is good too. actually, everything. lol.


          1. Thanks. Went, and extremely impressed - the fish was absolutely top notch.

            We had:
            Kumumoto Oysters
            Tuna Nigiri
            Toro Nigiri
            Yellowtail Nigiri
            Red Snapper Nigiri
            Shima Aji Nigiri
            Uni/Salmon Nigiri (I had one, she had the other)
            Unagi/Spanish Mackerel Nigiri
            Blue Crab Roll
            Spicy Tuna Roll

            Came to $73 plus tip.
            Some of the highest quality fish I've had in L.A.
            Was kinda dead though.

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              black snapper and abalone are outstanding