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Has anyone hit the Bevmo 5 Cent Sale?

I passed by a Beverages & More today and noticed the 5 cent wine sale going on.

Their website (www.bevmo.com) has 136 bottles eligible for their buy one, get one for 5 cents sale. They have wines from $7-60, so pretty cheap once you slice half off that.

I already plan to stock up my cabinet of every day wines, not too hard to do. But I need some advice on some of the more expensive options. Do people have opinions on the following? Prices are before discount.

Belvedere Cab, Healdsburg $25
'01 de Lorimer Mosaic $30
Babbiano Bellezza, '01 $60
Michael Pozzan Marianna '04 $40
Trinitas Zinfandel, Russian River '02 $30
Trinitas Zinfande, Old Vine $15 (seems like a better deal


Some others I jotted down that seemed fine at lower price points:
Budini Cabernet Sauvignon
Blue Nun Riesling
Big Red Monster Table Wine
Avila Merlot
Castoro Zin
Choncha y Toro Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon
EOS Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel
Gazela Vinho Verde

I'll say that Pepperwood Cabernet Sauvignon is a great deal any time it gets below $5. It often retails for $10, but is better than most $15 wines.

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  1. I'd pay $5 not to have to drink Pepperwood.

    The last three bottles of Gazela I opened were spoiled.

    1. I usually go, but have noticed a drastic markup on the promotional bottles. It's still a better than usual deal if you buy two bottles, but not hearly the bargain it seems. Sorry I can answer you questions about which are on sale. If you want to call them on it, you should know that they honor all competitors prices without proof.

      1. Picked up a case of the Gazela VV figuring at @ $3 per couldn't go too very wrong. Tax stamp was dated 2005, they've been fine so far.

        1. I hit them at every 5¢ sale, this one being no different. I restocked my whites with several chardonnays, doubles on multiple pinot grigios, and several sauvignon blancs.

          I like the Belvedere Cab and haven't found a better price recently. Same with the Big Red Monster. It's a solid "every day" wine.

          I'd steer clear of Choncha y Toro Merlot and (anything) EOS; both are super bitter (tannic monsters) and often lemon-puckering sour ("cellarable").

          1. I have not been before and was wondering how they ring up the sale at the cash register. If you buy 4 bottles, two at $15 and two at $7, do you get charged for one $15 plus one $7 and then the two nickels, or do you get charged for the two $15 and two nickels? Thanks.

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              The first $15 bottle is $15. The 2nd is $0.05. The first $7 bottle is $7. The second is $0.05. Total cost is $22.10.

            2. Go to the BevMo Website and look for the wines listed there. In addition to Wilfred Wong's reviews there's reviews listed as CB meaning Club BevMo. I'd trust Wilfred Wong's reviews if they're backed up by members of the public.

              1. Does anyone know how long this sale is going to last?

                1. I just went to their web site. The sale is still going on. You can check the wine selection for the sale online. My recommendation for this sale would be the Renwood Jack Rabbit Zinfandel.....Renwood is known for its great zins and this seems like a great deal.

                  1. Two bottles of the Baroncini '05 Chianti for $13.99 + $0.05 is a pretty good deal. You would be VERY hard pressed to find a California Sangiovese anywhere near as good for under $10 a bottle. A good "week night wine" with a bowl of pasta!

                    1. I don't find anything particularly compelling on that list, but if I had to buy something, I may try some of the Chilean offering. The 2005 Concha y Toro Xplorador wines for $7 before discount would be worth a try, they're simple wines that see almost no oak and should drink easily. On the more expensive side, the 2004 Veramonte Primus Red and the 2004 Cousino-Macul Cabernet Antiguas for $17 before discount may also be worth a shot.

                      Overall, I don't think this is a great sale. Just looking at the Premier Cru website for example, I see they have the 2003 Milliere Chateauneuf du Pape VV for $16, the 2003 Cuvee du Vatican Chateauneuf du Pape for $14, and the 1999 Domaine Leroy Bourgogne Rouge for $18, all of which might be better deals than the wines on the Bevmo list.

                      1. I really enjoyed the Michael Pozzan Marianna. After consuming the wine I went back and bought 2 more cases.

                        The Mosaic was above average. You have to decant for at least an hour.

                        I purchased 10 other wines there. Great deals!

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                          I'd chime in here and say that I also really liked the Michael Pozzan Marianna.

                        2. I was not impressed with this year's selection, which was mostly cabs and chards in my branch. I preferred to buy other on-sale bottles and still left happy.

                          1. those are the three i recommend for this year: Wildhurst Sauvignon Blanc '06, Fortress Sauvignon Blanc '07 and Stanza Pinot Noir '06. Can't point to my blog with all the details because Chowhound is censoring, so hope this is enough info for you!

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                              Thanks for the Stanza pick. Absolutely a deal at $8.50 on the sale.

                            2. El Portillo Malbec is $14.99 on the $0.05 sale at BevMo. It's $7.99 at Wine Access' regular price and $7-$9 regularly in stores in my area (Minnesota). Does not seem like big a bargain at 2 for $15.04.

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                                The Zaca Mesa syrah is a nice wine as well. -mJ

                              2. I would suggest either the cabernet or the merlot from Gnarly Head, both around $ 12, but not part of the 5 cents sale. Also my favorite, the Fetzer Gewuerztraminer . I asked my friends not to bastardize the correct pronunciation and just call it G-wine, the circle who know this as such has gotten quite large in San Diego.

                                1. i bought some of the Chalone cabernet on the 5cent sale

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                                    I just went through the sale list online and found some wines from Torii Mor,Sawyer and Testarossa. These are pretty solid wineries so I think I'll have to give this sale a try. I usually see almost nothing I know on these sales.

                                    1. re: Midlife

                                      Picked up some Torii Mor Chard, Sawyer Sauv Blanc, Domaine Drouhin Pinot Noir, and Bargetto Gewurz. They were out of Schug Chard, but more's due in on Wednesday.

                                      I've never tasted any of these specific wines but this is the first time I've seen so many enticing prospects at a 5¢ sale. Gotta try them while the sale's still on.

                                      1. re: Midlife

                                        Wow, nice haul! Do report back if you like any of these. I was persuaded by a salesperson to buy some cava that I ended up hating, so I'm currently wary of the 5 cent sale but would love to get back in the game.