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Oct 3, 2006 11:37 PM

English is Italian?

Has anyone eaten here recently? What is the food like, and is it a "scene"? The idea sounds interesting, but I nedd some first-hand opinions.

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  1. not eat there! The service is crap...and the food is not good at all. There is no scene, I can assure you. My husband was mortified when he took clients there!

    1. I actually had a very nice experience at English is Italian. I went a couple of months ago with some friends. It was family-style. I thought that the pasta dishes were a lot better than the meat dishes. They had a great squash-filled pasta at the time. They also made mozzarella at your table, which sounds gimmicky, but it tasted wonderful.

      I was also a little apprehensive to eat there because I hadn't heard good things, but everyone in my group thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service (as a was quite loud inside).

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        I felt the same as Briek. There were some really awful reviews about the place and some that were great. I went on a recommendation of a friend who threw his girlfriend's birthday party there. I trust the guy and went. I'm glad I did and the food was pretty good.

      2. If it's a "scene", it's strictly for the tourists.

        Don't waste a meal on this place. There are so many better restaurants in NYC.

        1. I have to side w/ the negative reviews on this one. I was intrigued by the concept and am a fan of the space. After an enjoyable complimentary pizza in the bar while waiting for our table, the entire meal was a total disappointment - service, food, portions, prices, the works.

          1. Kind of like BXGirl, I have not been. What is the $39 deal all about? From what I have read, it is a p/p cost that allows for multiple family style dishes of both meat and pasta to be served? Is it AYCE? How many people should go for maximum fun? Is this a date-worthy establishment?