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I have heard this is a "fun" place to eat. What can I expect in the way of taste, price, entertainment? Any reccomendations? on what to order?

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  1. Price:
    I treated 2 friends to a dinner there one night about a year or so ago. The three of us got away for just over $100, including a couple of drinks and tip. You could easily spend more, or get by with less if you're careful.

    Exotic music, exotic smells. Belly dancing most nights, you sit on the floor on cusions --lots of cusions. Wait staff are dressed in Morrocan costumes, and take good care of guests. The walls and ceilings are hung with draped fabric to give the illusion you're inside a tent.

    Don't remember what we ordered, do remember it was quite good but not exceptional. You will enjoy the food, but that's not the main focus.

    Go, have fun, order whatever sounds interesting.
    Tip the belly dancer(s). You won't regret it.

    1. I went with a large group for a birthday party. It was fun. However, the website isn't clear - it shows that you can order ala carte items. If you go on a belly dancing night, however, you have to order a full meal (which inclues tea, 2 appetizers, choice of main & dessert, I think). The full meal was around $20-25, I think, which was disappointing to those who had looked the website & planed to order only an entree for half the price.

      It was limited to vegetarians - one of the appetizers has meat in it, and the vegetarian entree was couscous of some sort (kind of a rip off for $20+). Plus, be aware you eat with your hands, so it was funny watching the vegetarian eat couscous! What a challenge! I had salmon, which was decent. It was fun overall - festive & different. I don't know if I'd go again, but it was fun to experience.

      1. In Morocco, couscous is served with just about every meal, and everyone eats everything with their hands. Yes, it's messy...

        1. yes, exactly - it is messy, and so I wanted to be sure the person was prepared. They do a nice handwashing type thing though. The main problem with the couccous for the vegetarian meal was it was just that - coucscous & a scattering of veggies. I had couscous with my salmon, but I was able to use my salmon to scoop up the couscous. I remember the vegetarian seemed like she gave up about half way through her meal, not finishing her plate, and I suspect it was frustration from trying to scoop up couscous grains with her fingers! I have heard they will give you utensils if you ask. Citysearch has a ton of reviews about Marrakesh, and they're a real mixed bag - people LOVE it or HATE their experience.

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            We recently visited Marrakesh with the kids. The crowd of about 8 ranged from early 20s to nearly 60. We all had a great time! For the "older" folk, make sure you get one of the bench seats, rather than the pillows on the floor. It was hard for a few to get up after the meal was over.

          2. You don't go here just for the food. It's the whole experience. The food ranges, but will never be too impressive. If you're just looking for good Moroccan food, I don't know that there's a better choice, but this isn't an especially good choice.

            1. What about the other Moroccan places in town? I've seen one in Ballard/Greenwood and another on lower Capitol Hill. I've been to Marrakesh and thought it was just okay.

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                I think we're all referring to the Portland restaurant. (Though it would be nice if everyone used the PDX and SEA designations in their titles.)

              2. I ate there last Saturday. I met 2 friends around 6 PM. We didn't have a reservation so were seated in the basement (try to avoid the basement-warm and crowded). I thought the food was fair. The pastilla was ok, but I've had moister and tastier. I ordered the lamb couscous. Since this is a "hands only" place, you don't get the broth the usually comes with the meat, into which you stir harrisa to taste. There were about 3 small pieces of lamb, so kind of light. A friend had the lamb brochettes- 2 skewers each with 3 large chunks of lamb. He was happy. Another had the chicken with honey and prunes-he thought it was bland. Dessert is a simple fruit salad. Given that the tab was ~ $17 each, and we had an Entertainment Book (so even less), it was a deal. But make sure to reserve-this place is POPULAR, and avoid the basement. You might wish to sneak in a fork or large spoon.