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Oct 3, 2006 11:04 PM

Early dinner near PDX train station

We are taking a 6:15 PM train to Seattle and want a good early dinner first near the train station. If there is a good sandwich place or deli nearby that would be fine also, to carry it onto the train.

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  1. You're close to a lot of nice places in the Pearl district, so good food shouldn't be too hard to find. I don't know about good sandwiches or deli--maybe someone who eats lunch in that area would know. I think Piazza Italia at 11th and Johnson has deli food that you could get to go (their website has to be among the least informative in the world--I really can't tell).

    There's several good places on Hoyt, like Silk (formerly Pho Van, an upscale Vietnamese restaurant) at 10th and Hoyt, and Fratelli (Italian) at about 12th and Hoyt. Among your nicer options would be Fenouil (French) at 11th and Johnson. There's actually so many restaurants in this area that it's difficult to narrow it down, but I think those are the ones that are closest to Union Station.

    1. When taking the train, I love to get sandwiches at the Pearl Bakery – about 5 minutes walk from the station and some of the best artisan breads in town. Problem is, I think they close early and run out of sandwiches even earlier. Give them a call to find out about closing time and maybe talk them into saving for you some sandwiches and pastry.
      [PEARL BAKERY, 503.827.0910. 102 NW 9th Street]

      You are also very close to Chinatown, in case you want some Chinese food to go. Nothing really spectacular, but Fong Chong is known for OK dim sum [503.228.6868. 301 NW 4th Ave]

      1. Sandwiches:
        Hot Lips Pizza on NW 9th in the Pearl , makes nice sandwiches and salads in addition to pizza.
        Fords on 5th ( closer to the Train St) makes sandwiches, have not eaten there but there are some people who have said good things.
        On NW 10th is Life of Riley where you can get good pub sandwiches etc.
        If you are eating in a restaurant, I agree with Piazza Italia and Silk .