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Oct 3, 2006 10:49 PM

Vegas this weekend

We are staying at the Rio hotel and are looking for suggestions for breakfast,lunch and dinner that are close-by. Would prefer to walk or take one of the shuttles the hotel provides. Any suggestions for hotel food that is actually good??

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  1. skip EVERYTHING at the Rio. I've stayed there several times in the last year and none of the food has been good.

    Not the buffets (world and seafood), hamada, coffee shop, mexican place or the "fancy" italian. The best was actually the coffeeshop, where I just got a steak and eggs.

    Palms is across the street but its actually kind of a far walk.

    Shuttles from the Rio can take you to Harrahs, Cesar's Palace and one other casino..i think Ballys or Paris? You can get recos for any place on the strip...depending on what you want.

    1. The only decent restaurant in the Rio Hotel is Buzio's for seafood. Have never been disappointed... choices of great meals on the strip are endless. It just depends on your budget and what type of food you are looking for.

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        Any decent places on the strip for a fun dinner that wouldn't be too expensive ($25 a person)...and that might have a cool bar to go to afterwards?

      2. Burger Bar @ the Mandalay Bay?

        I really really like Mon Ami Gabi....excellent ambiance if you sit outside and the food is reasonably priced.

        bars are everywhere on the strip.....easy just to walk in (generally)

        1. N9NE Steakhouse is very close to the Rio, just about across the street at The Palms. It is one of the best steakhouses in Vegas. If you go, be sure not to miss the popcorn shrimp appetizer. They are wonderful: tasty and crunchy and served with terrific and spicy sauces on the side.

          1. Fiore is very good as is the Voo Doo Cafe. We enjoyed one of our two recent meals (avoid the pan roast) @ Buzios as well.