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Oct 3, 2006 10:33 PM

Need wine-friendly food for a tasting

I'm looking for "wine-friendly foods" for a wine-tasting dinner.

Usually, we pick one or two styles or varietals and carefully pair the food to the specific wines we're tasting.

But this time, the wine will be all over the map, literally and figuratively. We'll have a wide variety of white and red wines of all styles and types - anything from crisp pinot grigio to an oak-bomb red blend.

Any ideas for food that works well with many kinds of wine?


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  1. Your most elegant solution will be a meal served in courses to complement the wines. Otherwise, roast chicken, baked/cheesy pasta dishes, salmon....

    1. A tapas / small-plates / mezze meal with a lot of different dishes to choose from might be the best bet.

      1. Mushrooms show many wines, red and white, to advantage. Fowl -- especially guinea fowl and pheasant -- can also play with both teams. Well-done meat and chilled cooked meat (even rare) go better with whites than many people suspect. While not a big fan of red wines with cheese, even I admit that Manchego and aged Mimolette make pretty good pairings with both colours. And, believe it or not, the milder varieties of olive are quite wine friendly.

        1. Oil- or salt-cured green or black olives go with many wines.

          Olives cured or marinated in vinegar are hostile to most wines.

          1. Thanks for the help! I think we'll go for some poultry, mushrooms, oil-cured olives, and manchego at the tasting.