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Any one know of a good shawarma/falafal place around Church and Wellesley??? I like the authentic version, not franchises!

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  1. Chimichimi, you're wrong. There are more than a couple of good and authentic shwarma and falafel places in T.O. (certainly they meet with the approval of my mid-eastern friends and colleges). However, there aren't any I know if in this area (Church/Wellesley).

    Akram's in Kensington and Ghazale's beside the Bloor Cinema are my top picks. However, neither is a restaurant (Ghazale's is take out and Akram's is take out and a supply/fresh goods store). There are some sit down places that are worthy, but, they slip my mind. I think there is one on John just south of Richmond.

    1. Red & White does amazing falafels, and decent shawarma. They're located at Yonge & Maitland (1 block south of Wellesley). Apparently their roast chicken is amazing also, but I haven't partaken.

      1. Ooo I've never been there. I'll be putting it on my list.

        1. Try Eat-A-Pita on Cumberland just west of Yonge. Despite its corny name, the shawarma is good. They have a lunchtime special of chicken shawarma and pop for $5. The shawarma dinner costs a bit more ($6.50?) but is massive, delicious, and cheap. Hot sauce is a must.

          I’ve eaten shawarma pretty regularly from Mediterranean 2 Go, Naz’s, the place on the east side of Yonge just south of Bloor (I’m forgetting its name), the place in the food building across from CITY TV (forgetting its name too) and I think I like Eat-A-Pita the best.

          1. I'll chime in with a second for Al Ghazale and Akram. Taboun Zaman (College east of Bathurst) completes my trinity of heavenly shawarma.

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              You should try Sarah's take out on the north side of Bloor by Brunswick. Very tasty!!!

            2. on north side of gerrard, between church & jarvis, there is LaZeez which has pretty good shawarma...

              otherwise, i enjoy the shawarma in the north part of the city ie. mivami, jerusalem

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                Here's to the North York area! Sababa is pretty good there, too.

              2. Empire Falafel (oh, and shawarma too :) on Bloor, west of Dovercourt. Obnoxious green storefront, but good eats. Great eats, in fact.