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Oct 3, 2006 09:51 PM

what besides olive do you put in a martini?

Best is a big garlic stuffed olive. With cheap gin only I also use a pepperoncini now and then. But you gotta try it with a sundried tomato (half if it's big). Anything else?

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  1. Well it depends on the martini. A lemon peel "twist" is always nice with gin as are caperberries.

    Now, if we're talking vodka, then pretty much anything goes; especially if you get into the flavored arena!


    1. Pickled onions, preferably the large sweet English type. Of course then it isn't a martini anymore but a Gibson.

      I also use Pepperdews for a sweet and mild heat thing, blows away pepperoncini. (Stuffing pepperdews with blue cheese makes an amazing cocktail snack!)

      I second the caperberries and the lemon twist. For a change a orange twist or grapefruit can be very interesting.

      1. The classic Hendrick's martini is garnished with cucumber slice. I slice a small seedless variety (like israel kirbies) and float in three slices.

        1. There's the pickled vegetables route: pickled green bean. Dilly-beans. Pickled okra. Even ginger.

          There is also the various stuffed olive options: blue cheese-stuffed; prosciutto-stuffed.

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            The problem I find with blue cheese, is that it's too overpowering and tends to seep out and contaminate the martini!


          2. You can use tomatolives if you can find them...