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what besides olive do you put in a martini?

Best is a big garlic stuffed olive. With cheap gin only I also use a pepperoncini now and then. But you gotta try it with a sundried tomato (half if it's big). Anything else?

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  1. Well it depends on the martini. A lemon peel "twist" is always nice with gin as are caperberries.

    Now, if we're talking vodka, then pretty much anything goes; especially if you get into the flavored arena!


    1. Pickled onions, preferably the large sweet English type. Of course then it isn't a martini anymore but a Gibson.

      I also use Pepperdews for a sweet and mild heat thing, blows away pepperoncini. (Stuffing pepperdews with blue cheese makes an amazing cocktail snack!)

      I second the caperberries and the lemon twist. For a change a orange twist or grapefruit can be very interesting.

      1. The classic Hendrick's martini is garnished with cucumber slice. I slice a small seedless variety (like israel kirbies) and float in three slices.

        1. There's the pickled vegetables route: pickled green bean. Dilly-beans. Pickled okra. Even ginger.

          There is also the various stuffed olive options: blue cheese-stuffed; prosciutto-stuffed.

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            The problem I find with blue cheese, is that it's too overpowering and tends to seep out and contaminate the martini!


          2. You can use tomatolives if you can find them...

            1. You can't beat a blue-cheese stuffed olive.

              1. Twice in a restaurant I had shocking experiences with olives in martinis---once it had a pit (I am thinking, $8 for a pitted martini?). Imagine my surprise! Another time, what appeared to be a pimiento turned out to be a hot, hot pepper. Again, surprise and many gluggs of ice water followed.

                Though I haven't tried it, and it depends on if you are using vodka, gin, juices, citrus, etc., but how about a fig? A sprig of rosemary? Other ideas: candied orange peel, cucumber without the peel, watermelon pieces.

                Good luck!


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                  Speaking of Rosemary, I've had a thyme martini . . . it was REALLY good!


                2. Thanks! Off to the store for pepperdews and now I have reason to get some thyme growing.

                  1. Uhh... Nobody mentioned caper berries? Awesome... (If, of course, you like capers.)

                    Chopin's "CEO" Martini promotion came up with some awesome ideas, but they're not posted publicly anywhere. Fortunately, I kept a copy and made a PDF of it. Anyone interested, just send me a direct message.