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I just moved from NYC to LA and am a big food snob. Is there anything good in the west hollywood area? I like AUTHENTIC restaurants like Gardens of Taxaco...I just ate at JAR which was better than most ive had here...any suggestions?? Thx.

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  1. We're really not that interested in big food snobs in L.A., so I guess we won't be of much help.
    However, it might be helpful to know what type of cuisine you like, your usual price level, and whether you're open to going outside of West Hollywood.

    1. Gardens of Taxco authentic? Live and learn, I guess.

      Do you have a car? Can you get round?

      West Hollywood is fine but I have to say, the best food in LA is in the ethnic neighbourhoods -- and apart from a bunch of Russian businesses in the east end, that isn't West Hollywood at all.

      West Hollywood is L.A.'s answer to the Village -- trendy, expensive, and high-end restaurants, but few local dives... so my question for you is, are you limited to West Hollywood, or can you drive (up to half an hour? an hour? two hours?) for great food?

      1. Not sure that most on this board would agree that Gardens of Taxco (the city in Mexico, not the oil company) is all that "authentic"--although the food's not too bad. There are a lot of quite good restaurants in the West Hollywood area, including Grace, Angelini Osteria, AOC, Lucques and many more.

        1. Meanwhile, there are so many ex-ny food snobs in LA, it's no wonder we have so much traffic.

          By the way, Campanile, Lucques, AOC, BLD, Grace, Osteria Angelini, La Terza, Sona, Table 8...all in the general area and these ought to get a food snob off to a good start.

          Also, the only way Gardens of Taxco could only seem authentic to a NYer.

          1. Gardens of Taxco? Is that a joke? Sarcasm?

            1. "The chicken was borrrrrn for this sauce" is the SO's and my favorite GT (not Gin-and-Tonic) waiter quote.

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                How 'bout "spicccy but not hot". To remain chowcentric..... I'll only eat here because the crowd wants it. The food is horrific. The wine margaritas even worse.

              2. if you want real mexican food and you find the time one day to venture out of west hollywood, go to huntington park. you'll find that gardens of taxaco was an intro to the real AUTHENTIC stuff. i swear by la casita mexicana but i work with a bunch of mexican guys who swear by millan's on soto st near slauson. it looks like a scary mexican diner from the outside but what you'll get on the inside is worth the visit.

                as far as being from ny (which i once was) i would say stick to BLD, lucques, AOC, campanile, etc etc as everyone has suggested. once you get your feet wet maybe you can consider leaving weho for food a bit more authentic than the taxaco.

                1. Truly, the only authentic ethnic food to be found in West Hollywood are the prepared entrees at Gelson's, and that's only because Wolfgang Puck is the chef.

                  There is outstanding ethnic food in Los Angeles. However they are in restaurants that would scare away food snobs. (Read: High on shabby, low on chic.) However I would say that if you are willing to venture out of WeHo for a slightly more authentic (albeit yuppified) ethnic food experience, go to the old LA Farmer's Market for a pair of carne deshebrada tacos at Loteria. It ain't East LA, but I understand that sometimes you've gotta take baby steps.

                  Or better yet, get to Chosun Galbi for excellent authentic Korean food in an elegant setting. Ignore the neighborhood-- the restaurant and outdoor patio is beautiful and the food quite good, and the valets will watch over your BMW.


                  Also, I believe this month is the "ethnic restaurant" issue of Los Angeles Magazine, though I have not read the article and cannot vouch for accuracy. However LA Magazine does cater to food snobs. However if they steer you towards Woo Lae Oak for Korean food, take their advice with a heavy dose of salt (or tiny crunchy salted fish-- your choice.


                  Mr Taster

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                    I guess I'm more inured than I thought -- living "ghetto-adjacent" as I do, I think Chosun Galbee's neighbourhood is fine, and I park on the street all the time.

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                      Me too... but note tone. I'm writing for a specific audience.

                      Mr Taster

                  2. as a former ny-er myself i'd say you have a lot of exploring to do, as there are far better restaurants in this city, for the most part. not for french food, really. given the access to much fresher produce, a huge asian and immigration population i find a lot to enjoy. but on the very high-end, nothing like Daniel or Picholine here, imho.

                    besides Gardens of Taxco isn't exactly a great place

                    1. Hey I grew up in NY and now live in WeHo...there are plenty of good and highly authentic spots -- but not really for Chinese, Thai or Mexi (unless you coun't, as I do and you should, the delicious food from the taco truck named "Glorias & ? with blue lettering" that is always cruising around Sunset, Doheny Dr. and Doheny Rd, M-Sat).

                      Madeo is both v. good and v. authentic Northern Italian.
                      8897 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048 310-859-0242

                      Wa Sushi & Bistro can go authentic or creative but is always fantastic.
                      1106 N La Cienega Blvd
                      West Hollywood, CA 90069
                      (310) 854-7285

                      Fogo De Chao is strictly speaking B. Hills but 1 block should hardly exclude it...and its from Sao Paulo
                      133 N La Cienega Blvd
                      Beverly Hills, CA 90211
                      (310) 289-7755

                      Yabu on La Cienega has authentic soba, sushi and age/grilled items like many a Tokyo casual restaurant.

                      And Jerry's is authentic horrible LA deli.

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                        FURTHER TRUCKSPOTTING INFO:

                        It just passed my window and its white with three blue vent on the roof. Could't catch the second name from the 27th floor. The blue lettering on the rear and sides is cursive and is in a curved design.

                        TRY IT!