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late night dining at momofuku ssam?

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Has anyone out there been to Momofuku Ssam Bar for the new late night menu?

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  1. no but looking at the menu, it doesn't seem like that good of a value. $3 oysters, $8 for an 1/8 wheel of adrahan cheese? They even had the gall to try and sell a wheel of Epoisses for $30+ but have since taken it off their menu.

    That being said, I had the pork ssam again last night and it was deeeeelicious.

    1. I've been once and my husband has been twice. We both really enjoyed it and, after his second visit, my husband said that even more great stuff has been added to the menu. I haven't been during the day to try the ssam, but I definitely recommend going by to try the late night menu. The three terrine sandwich is particularly good.

      1. A group of us went last night around 130am, and had a fantastic time. We had just about the entire menu, 6 dozen oysters, brussel sprouts with bacon, wax bean salad, tripe, 3 terrine sandwhich (2 of those) twho differnt plates of domestic ham, sliced really thin, fried oysters, spring rolls pork buns, beer and sake I know I am forgetting some things, but everything was so great. This is sure to be a regular stop for us. They are open WEdnesday-Sunday for late night. Highly reccomend it!

        1. Just had a great meal here late-night. I had the raw oysters, roasted brussel sprouts, grilled sweetbreads (*really good*), the pork buns, and the mochi dessert. I would definitely recommend it.

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            Just got home from Ssam bar where I had the Edward's Country Ham (they were out of Benton's) and pork buns. The country ham was heavenly, thinly sliced, nearly transparent, like prosciutto. The ciabatta bread was good and so was the apple butter, but I liked the ham by itself. Very intense, strong flavor, with a little bit of pepper. Almost a ham epiphany -- I never knew ham could taste like that!

            The pork buns were also very good and this time made with pork belly, unlike the daytime menu's. But pretty much the same as what you'd get at Momofuku.

            I didn't see the bacon-wrapped pork sausage on the menu, sadly. But they had a special of ciabatta bread with argula, fried egg, and country ham, as an open-faced sandwich. I wish I'd tried it...

            Definitely going back.

          2. The late night menu must be at the top of my list of places to try. Hopefully soon.

            1. It sounds as if the late-night menu is quite ambitious! According to an article on late night food in today's Times, "from 10:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. the restaurant turns into a chefs’ collaborative of sorts, where he [Mr Chang] and his co-chefs serve an odd but rewarding mix of dishes that might include a whole roasted pork shoulder Korean style, a veal’s head terrine and an uppity take on the corn dog."

              1. The non-late night menu is pretty unimpressive, but I'm still looking forward to trying the late night stuff based on reports from various sources.

                1. Went back to Ssam Bar last week around 10:30pm. Had the pork buns, the Benton's and Finchville country hams, and the mochi dessert. Sadly, we topped out there, and I didn't get a chance to try the raved about banh mi.

                  The mochi dessert was excellent -- freshly made mochi in the flavors of mango (my favorite), butter pecan, pistachio, and chocolate egg nog (the filling was egg nog and the wrapper was chocolate flavored). Possibly some of the best mochi I've had. People looking for fresh mochi, this is your new spot.

                  Also, word has it that since the new year, they are now serving the "late night" menu starting at 6pm and have renamed it "dinner." Also, I've noticed that they've since added a 4th ham to the menu.

                  1. Went at 7:00 the other night and they were serving what I believe was the full late night menu.


                    1. Their web site lists dinner as being being from 6:00PM until 2:00AM - YES! I absolutley love this place.

                      1. Note: the "late night" menu is no longer, and has now been folded into the regular dinner menu!