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Oct 3, 2006 09:29 PM

Brazil, esp. Buzios

i'm headed down to brazil in a few days (third time in the country, but first time in buzios). any suggestions for restaurants in buzios? our traveling party includes both adventurous and not so adventurous eaters, plus two 14 month olds (who are actually pretty adventurous eaters for their age). so i'd love to hear about both places that would work with the kids and ones for when we live them at the rental house with the sitter.

also, anything new and interesting in rio since the last time i was there about 18 months ago? we'll be staying in ipanema.

thanks very much.

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  1. It looks like they (CNET) have all the old posts on Brazil int he International board.

    Here is a link to recs on Buzios:

    I was in Brazil in January 2006 and followed Toot's advice on Rio. You should check out the Mil Frutas in Ipanema for exotic (ok - it's exotic to me) ice cream:

    1. If you haven't been to Satyricon in Ipanema, you might try the one in Buzios. Nothing mindblowing, but good fish. There's a casual, friendly pizzeria next door that I think is under the same management. In a way, I enjoyed it more than Satyricon. You could go to the latter with the kids, and hire a babysitter when going to the former.