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Oct 3, 2006 09:11 PM

Red Wine Lover Switching to White. Any Suggestions, besides "Don't Do it!" ?

Because of migraines etc I am switching my day to day wine drinking from reds to whites.
So far I am enjoying alborino, vernaccia, prosecco (I buy an inexpensive bottle at Trader Joe's), and a pinot gris from Chateau St Michelle out of Washington.
Have nothing at all against chards but I haven't found one I like as well as these others.
Also, I don't usually care for German Gewurztraminer or Reisling, preferring to drink those from the Alsace region. I'm telling you all of this so you'll have some idea of what I like.

Lately I cannot find the Chateau St Michelle pinot gris (tried their chard and was disappointed) and often have trouble finding vernaccia unless I go a town or two away. Alborino is often at the top end of what I can spend so not for frequent drinking.
I try to stay in the $10. range most of the time.

Do you have any recs for me? Certain bottles that you enjoy? I'd love to go shopping armed with a list of possibilities.

I should add that with my limited wine knowledge I've surely missed out on many nice wines and am very open and eager to try wines not mentioned above.
I'll appreciate any help you can offer!

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  1. From your preference descriptions, it sounds like you prefer cooler climate wines, that are crisper and more acidic than warmer climate wines.

    If the chards you have had previously have tended to be Californian, I would recommend trying French - they are nowhere near as oaky as Californians typically are.

    French Sauvignon Blanc.

    Vinho Verdes from Portugal tend to be fun (very young, fruity, and slightly fizzy).

    There was a Spanish Priorat that I had once, a few months ago, that took me by surprise when I found out it was a white (I had only ever encountered red previously) - doubly so as it tasted like a red. Very interesting. Sadly I am drawing a blank on the name at the moment.

    Sorry I have no specific names to recommend, but I am at the office and nowhere near any wine notes I may have jotted down regarding wines I have tried previously (besides I tend to favor reds over whites, so my memory for specific whites is not as developed).

    As for the under $10 goal, I think that is where it gets tricky as the options for white seem to be fewer when compared to red.

    1. If you like albariƱo and vernaccia di San Gimignano, you'd probably like vermentino and falanghina.

      1. Not sure how well stocked your local shops are, but you might look for Loire chenin blancs...they have enough substance to satisfy a red wine drinker. Dry Vouvrays, Saumur or Anjou blanc, Savennieres.

        Check the Sept. 21 entry in this NY Times wine blog:

        1. Ellaj, Camus Conundrum is an outstanding white that doesn't easily fit into any established catagory. Given that, after one taste you'll be enchanted.

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          1. re: Walters

            It's a blend of sauvignon blanc, muscat, chardonnay, vigonier, and maybe other varietals. At $24 list I think it's well out of the stated price range.

            Somebody whose taste runs to Alsatian whites, albariƱo, and vernaccia di San Gimignano would likely find it overoaked and unpleasant. I do, anyway.

          2. Look for some Rhone varietals - Roussanne and Marsanne; they are rich and complex without being strident and thin (like a Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc) or overtly buttery (like the much-hated Chard is for me!).