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Oct 3, 2006 09:09 PM

Dining alone in Milan.

I will have two evenings alone in Milan. Prefer not to waste good dining opportunities. Any suggestions where I will feel fine alone - staying in Stazione Centrale area.

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  1. We had an amazing meal at craco-Peck this past May.
    I could hunt up the notes on it if you like.
    I was so impressed by some of the courses that I was invited to meet the chef.
    I have seen some mixed reviews, which I can't understand, as it was an "experience".
    Very innovative, and most important delicious.
    Since you are alone, this would be an entire evenings entertainment.
    It will be my first stop when I return to Milan .
    .. and fortunately not a single "froth" dish.
    I recalled on this board eating at the restaurant of the youngest chef ever to receive 2*, in Reims, and being served button mushrooms in chocolate froth.
    "Yuk" is an understatement

    1. Check out this neighborhood trattoria--ll Carpaccio (Via Lazzaro Palazzi, 19; tel.02/29405982)--just off the Corso Buenos Aires. Old style (although the waiters are Chinese) with good Milanese specialites.