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Oct 3, 2006 08:52 PM

SC BBQ on Sunday

We'll be arriving in Columbia on Sunday afternoon and driving to Hilton Head. Normally our first stop is Sweatmans BBQ, but they're closed on Sunday.

Is there any quality BBQ near our route that will be open on a Sunday?

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  1. From a South Carolinian's blog, Mustang Rolling, I quote:

    "Well, here at G & G Barbecue, 6622 Savannah Hwy., Neeses, SC 29107, they are open Friday, Saturday AND Sunday."

    I cannot vouch for the quality, having never been there, and am not sure it's on your route. But hey. It's barbeque on Sunday.

    1. Lone Star BBQ in Santee (on the road to the state park) is very good and, in my opinion, overlooked. Cool old plantation commissary buildings and SC-style BBQ buffet. I've only eaten there once, but would make it a destination trip again.

      1. I used to eat at Lone Star a good bit and went over there for the first time in a few months the other day. We may have hit it on a bad day, like I said it's been a while, but I was not impressed. We stood there for a good 10 minutes waiting for the cashier to acknowledge us as she ran around making some BBQ sandwiches. I didn't mind the wait but she could have at least spoke up. The food was also not as good as I remembered it being. Give it a shot but if you get bad service or food let us know.