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Oct 3, 2006 08:49 PM

Chinatown in Las Vegas

Hi - I am a CT chowhound who will be in LV in Early December. I will be staying at the Wynn which I think may be close to chinatown. Is there anywhere good to eat there? I am looking in particular for Banh Mi or Vietnamese food.

I will be going to that LOS (I think that's what it's called - the famous Thai joint) later in the trip when I have a car.

Any other reasonable suggestions are appreciated. (Commander's Palace lunch & Rosemary's will be our splurgy meals)

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. Wynn is east of the I-15 highway. Vegas Chinatown is west of the I-15 highway. Both are off the Spring Mountain exit. Wynn is about 1.7 miles east of the Chinatown area, according to Yahoo maps.

    There are quite a few Vietnamese restaurants in that Chinatown area, and a couple of banh mi shops in that area, so you should be able to get your fill of Vietnamese food.

    1. There is a large strip mall at 5115 Spring Mountain Road, west of the main Chinatown area. Hue's Thai <sic> Sandwiches serves excellent bahn mi as well as pho and many other Vietnamese dishes (the menu is more extensive at dinner). I'm also very fond of Panang Malaysian Cuisine, just two doors down from that -- the fish dishes and roti Telur were special favorites. If you do a search, you can read my more extensive reviews, including Champion Gourmet, a Taiwanese restaurant with a limited menu only a few doors down from Panang. That is one great mall!

      1. I concur with the recommendation of Hue's. The bahn mi is excellent, and incredibly inexpensive.