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Oct 3, 2006 08:23 PM

Joe Beef & Au Petit Extra?

Any "must-haves" or skippable items at both of these places? Will be dining this weekend! :)

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  1. Fred was making his own Boudin Maison today. You should really try it out.

    1. Hard to say about Joe Beef. Oysters, the big steak and the Sole Meuniére seem to be constants. (They are all wonderful, by the way.) Otherwise Fred seems to reinvent the menu just about every day. Go, eat, be surprised by joy.

      1. Au Petit Extra
        Their service is good, and they often have expensive wines by the glass - I would check out their wine selection, which is always posted on a chalkboard. The menu is short and is basically all French Bistro. I have found that their steak can be a bit too tough (and I always order steak rare). Their fish is good, and so is their foie gras. I always order their Crème Brulée. Someone I was with ordered their Confit Canard salad, which was excellent.