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Oct 3, 2006 08:23 PM

Dallas Observer's Best Vietnamese and Thai places - ever try them?

I'm deeply suspicious of "best of" lists, and don't think much of the Observer to boot, but they say Quan Kien Giang has the best Vietnamese food and Nakhon Thai is the best Thai place. I not only haven't eaten at either, I've never even heard of either of them. Anyone have an opinion about these places?

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  1. I haven't been to Nakhon Thai. But, since it's under the same ownership as Plano's Jasmine Thai (which has been discussed elsewhere on this board), I suspect it's pretty good.


    1. Is this list online, or is it only in the actual paper?

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      1. Huh. I'm Vietnamese and grew up in Garland/Richardson, and my family never really went to Quan Kien Giang. My general rule with ethnic restaurants is to look around and see if there's anyone of that ethnicity actually eating there. If you try it, let us know how it is. I've been looking for good Vietnamese closer to downtown.

        1. I had a Vietmanese person tell me that Oishii was her favorite. To me, it was okay, but then I don't have the frame of reference that she had.


          1. I tried Quan Kien Giang for lunch today. Thumb's down. First, sign outside calls it "Seafood and Grills." Second, no ethnic Vietnamese diners in sight (not many other people, period). Third, sound system playing sappy English-language ballads ("Summer Wind"). Fourth, very limited lunch menu. Most importantly, the food was bland. Springrolls were o.k., but bun with chicken a big disappointment: despite sign, chicken was not grilled, and had never been in the same room as lemongrass. The fish sauce, as they call it, was served chilled in one of those things you pour syrup from at IHOP; also, sauce was blah - no hint of sweetness nor lime, no pepper flakes floating in it. Nada. The place is spacious, very clean, and a bit more upscale than my favorite Vietnamese places, suggesting to me that they have prospered by westernizing their food -- probably just right for Observer writers.