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Do you create unique foods?

best glass noodles....

phoenikia Oct 3, 2006 08:16 PM

What are your favourite restaurants for glass noodles aka bean thread?
Thanks for any suggestions!

  1. k
    Kasia Oct 4, 2006 01:18 PM

    i like them at bangkok paradise on queen west (just east of bathurst). in fact, i'd like to alert people to this restaurant - very fresh ingredients, well prepared, nice service. this place has been around since i was in high school (ie. since the early 90s), so it's had longevity, but i do worry about it now given that a thai chain restaurant set up next door to it. give it a try, chowhounds!

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    1. re: Kasia
      cord Oct 4, 2006 08:33 PM

      I second Bangkok Paradise. Their spring rolls and pad thai are my favorites downtown. I used to work around there and always liked going for lunch because the atmosphere is also really nice - casual and scaled down, but warm.

    2. s
      starvin Oct 4, 2006 06:47 PM

      "Thai House Cuisine" on Queen St. E....delicious glass noodles. They have this smoky kind of taste and perfectly done noodles. I'm always amazed and horrified that I can eat the whole thing!

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      1. re: starvin
        hungryabbey Oct 5, 2006 01:24 AM

        their menu looks great , what else is good?

      2. s
        starvin Oct 5, 2006 06:31 PM

        I always order:

        -Cold Rolls ( refreshing! )
        -Hot and Sour Soup ( I think the best in the city )
        -Spring Rolls ( made fresh...soooo good, you can tell they're not made from frozen)
        -Thick Curry Chicken ( usually I order with sticky rice )
        -My fiance loves the Pad Thai...but I've had better.

        Enjoy "hungryabbey!" Let me know what you think! : )

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        1. re: starvin
          hungryabbey Oct 6, 2006 12:57 AM

          mm alrite its def the next thai restaurant Im trying :) thanks!

        2. p
          phoenikia Oct 6, 2006 04:12 AM

          Thanks for all your tips;) Look forward to trying them soon...

          I tried the pad woon sen at Real Thailand in the Annex last night when I happened to be in the neighbourhood...talk about disappointing. The noodles were way too salty and the fish sauce taste was overpowering. It contained with 2 rubbery shrimp and a whole lot of chicken.

          1. orangewasabi Oct 10, 2006 02:46 AM

            I love the cold glass noodle salad at Young Thailand (Church, betwn Richmond & Adelaide)

            and the pad won sen at Pi Tom (Alexander St, 1 block north of College, East of Yonge)

            1. jennjen18 Oct 10, 2006 02:55 AM

              I havent tried any of the above, but I love glass noodles at the thai place on Steeles West, just east of Keele, by York University. I cant remember its name, Thai Bamboo.. something like that, but they make a WICKED stirfried glass noodle dish. Very yummy. Prices, what its actually called, I seriously cannot remember; all I can say it was yummy. I'll try to find details.

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