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Oct 3, 2006 08:16 PM

best glass noodles....

What are your favourite restaurants for glass noodles aka bean thread?
Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. i like them at bangkok paradise on queen west (just east of bathurst). in fact, i'd like to alert people to this restaurant - very fresh ingredients, well prepared, nice service. this place has been around since i was in high school (ie. since the early 90s), so it's had longevity, but i do worry about it now given that a thai chain restaurant set up next door to it. give it a try, chowhounds!

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    1. re: Kasia

      I second Bangkok Paradise. Their spring rolls and pad thai are my favorites downtown. I used to work around there and always liked going for lunch because the atmosphere is also really nice - casual and scaled down, but warm.

    2. "Thai House Cuisine" on Queen St. E....delicious glass noodles. They have this smoky kind of taste and perfectly done noodles. I'm always amazed and horrified that I can eat the whole thing!

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        their menu looks great , what else is good?

      2. I always order:

        -Cold Rolls ( refreshing! )
        -Hot and Sour Soup ( I think the best in the city )
        -Spring Rolls ( made fresh...soooo good, you can tell they're not made from frozen)
        -Thick Curry Chicken ( usually I order with sticky rice )
        -My fiance loves the Pad Thai...but I've had better.

        Enjoy "hungryabbey!" Let me know what you think! : )

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          mm alrite its def the next thai restaurant Im trying :) thanks!

        2. Thanks for all your tips;) Look forward to trying them soon...

          I tried the pad woon sen at Real Thailand in the Annex last night when I happened to be in the about disappointing. The noodles were way too salty and the fish sauce taste was overpowering. It contained with 2 rubbery shrimp and a whole lot of chicken.

          1. I love the cold glass noodle salad at Young Thailand (Church, betwn Richmond & Adelaide)

            and the pad won sen at Pi Tom (Alexander St, 1 block north of College, East of Yonge)