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Oct 3, 2006 08:12 PM

Jon's supermarket in little Armenia

The deli counter of this place (on Santa Monica, somewhere near Western) has all sorts of interesting looking meats, sausages, and cheeses. What's worth trying?

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  1. i've been shopping at Jon's in hollywood for years..the one on fountain and la brea. still, same type of deli counter. they will give you samples of pretty much anything. plus their produce is super cheap.

    1. Jons deli - the center of my shopping universe! They carry a lot of Eureka Meats products which are largely Eastern European and locally made. If you are a deli ham addict do NOT miss the Kruse Pitt ham.

      1. Their fetas are incredible, and dirt cheap to boot.

        I love Kyivskaya sausage, and Moskovskaya.

        1. Good selection of bulk olives there.

          The baguettes from the French bakery are very good. The kind that you have to eat the day you buy them or they dry out. Once they've dried out they make excellent bread crumbs, though.

          Good selection of Eastern European beers for cheap.

          1. I tried buying from their deli counter during the grocery store strikes. I was kind of excited since they carried more Italian deli meats than a lot of places. Generally I felt grossed out both times (and I don't gross out easy with food). The guy at the counter would print out the price sticker and then stick it on his arm while he finished up. This left some arm hair on the sticker. Not my favorite thing to see when I make a sammich. Also the meat was kind of funny/watery.

            I still go there for other stuff. Without question they are one of the best places for inexpensive bottled pomegranate, apricot, and peach juices . For some reason they are REALLY cheap there. Oh and sheep parts. They have a lot of sheep parts in the meat section.

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              Well, my stores deli has mostly helpful and attractive young ladies who do NOT stick the packages under their arms. You'll probably have to find another branch since Jons (and most retail) management is clueless and schitzoid.
              My pet peeve is that products in the (Hawthorne) store are not always marked AND THE EMPLOYEES CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!! Something about 'first shifts job'. Sheesh.
              Yes, some of the deli meats are not always great. Currently their 'black forest' ham brand has a bad/industrial kind of taste. My stores demographic lacks Eastern Europeans which may explain why the beer selection is skewed toward Bud Light :-(.