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Oct 3, 2006 08:06 PM

Greensboro Recommendations?

I'm going to Greensboro for the first time and some moderately priced lunch and dinner recommendations. My meeting is at the Arts Center. Anything good nearby?

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  1. What is the name of the arts center, I think it is downtown on Davie street. I would try one of the downtown places solaris, 223 elm, ganache(for dessert) or undercurrent ( and then do saigon for dinner ( There is also bert's on west market. Saigon and berts are both about 10 minutes from downtown

    1. Our favorite place is Southern Lights. Unique food. Someone mentioned Saigon. Last time we went there, it was out of business. Plus it's definitely not near downtown. Southern Lights is not far from downtown. It's not far from UNC-G.

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        Saigon is definitely not closed at least as of my last meal a two months ago. I pass by at least once a week and I still see the parking lot full.

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          We ate at Saigon in late August and it was still kickin' then. However, the Vietnamese restaurant that was closer to Guilford College (the name escapes me)did appear to be closed.

          I would heartily second the recommendation of Saigon, assuming that it is still open and isn't too far removed from your location. Of moderately priced restaurants in the Triad, it's among my favorites.

      2. I really like the Liberty Oak, downtown - I think they have a website. 223 elm is a lot of clams.

        1. Cafe Europa is located in the Arts Center and we had a really decent brunch there on Sunday. No fresh juices, but scrambled eggs with dill and cream cheese was a winner. The omelet was a bit plain, and the biscuit did not seem like it was born in the south, but it was ok.

          Very nice decor, american menu, good prices.

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            I can vouch for Bert's on Market St. Probably the best seafood restaurant in NC

          2. If you are indeed heading to the Arts Center on Davie St., the following are on Elm St and all withing walking distance.

            I second Liberty Oak - right off Elm on Washington ( ). Elegant but relaxed atmosphere, I'm partial to either the bar or outside. I've tried, but I can never stray away from the scallops in mild curry when ordering. And Brooklyn Brown on tap!!! (at least on my last visit). It doesn't get any better, though it appears as though they have Dogfish 60 min on tap so definitely can't go wrong there either.

            For the most legit wings in town - Minj Grille ( Not your ordinary rinky dinky frozen wings off a broiler/fryer sized pollo but rather "jumbo" sized wings, off of what it appears from a roaster sized bird - in a very unique "Nikki's famous" sauce - slightly sweet, tangy, and spicy - Straight Bangin'.

            And for a fairly legit NY slice: Pizzeria L'Italiano @ 219 S Elm St

            For a good variety of European beers on tap and moderately priced upscale Irish bar food (fish & chips, sheppard's pie, Bangers and Mash [?]) - McCouls (further South on Elm St.)

            Middle Eastern food at Zaytoons. I've yet to go but I hear really good things. Located in some Office Building lobby.

            ...and after having written all that, I see you posted last yr. Hope you had an enjoyable visit and Buen Provecho to all the others.