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Cherry Lips Tea And Cafe

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The good thing about opening a non-traditional, non-regional Chinese restaurant is that you don't have to include words like "Golden", "Seafood" or "Garden" in the name of the restaurant. Taking full advantage of this naming freedom is a Hong Kong style cafe at the corner of Duarte Road and Santa Anita in Arcadia that calls itself Cherry Lips Tea & Cafe. You're probably thinking we don't need another one of these cafes, particularly in Arcadia. And while much of the menu at Cherry Lips is similar to what you see elsewhere in Hong Kong style cafes, there are a couple of distinguishing factors to note. First of all they have a section of several dozen $3.99, 3 for $9 entrees. Furthermore they sell these little jars of all kinds of fruits and vegetables turned into chips. While I'm sure I overpaid by shelling out $6 for one of these, how could I pass up a variety of apple, long bean, jackfruit, mushroom, taro and sweet potato chips? Given an extensive menu and $1.49 boba milk tea, this place has possibilities.

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  1. Thanks for the report! It's good to know which of these cafes are new and/or worth trying, since you're right that there are so many it's impossible to know where to go.

    That's a really cute name for a cafe; "cherry lips" are very desirable in Chinese literature (small, cute, plump, and red). I guess the American equivalent would be "Angelina Jolie Lips."

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      Cheap food! For the money, u can't complain! ;-)