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Oct 3, 2006 07:39 PM

Late night dinner near downtown/USC or Beverly Center.

Any recommendations for late night dinner in the above areas or points in between? Am pretty much open to anything, but am partial to places with a lively atmosphere. The search pulled up very few posts for late night. Is there really a dearth of places?

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  1. Would you consider Korean food?

    Most places in K-town are open late, e.g. 10 or 11.

    Some of my favorties:

    Honey Pig
    3400 W. 8th St.,
    (213) 380-0256.
    Open till 11 p.m.

    Sa Rit Gol
    3189 West Olympic Blvd
    (213) 387-0909
    Open till 11 p.m

    Soot Bull Jeep
    3136 W . 8th St.
    (213) 387-3865
    Open till 11 p.m.

    1. i like gyukaku on la cienega - festive decent food and open fairly late.

      1. not exactly a restaurant, but Third Stop on 3rd, just west of the Beverly Center has fancy bar food (the polenta with gorgonzola is extremely delicious and cozy and yum), pizzas, burger, etc. and a wide beer menu to boot.

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          I second Third Stop for late nite noshing; kitchen closes at 1AM! Pretty decent to good small plates. Decent small wine list in addition to big beer/ale list.

        2. Kate Mantilini on Wilshire and Doheny (not far from the Beverly Center) is open late - I think until 2 am on weekends and until midnight or so on weekdays. It's serviceable American comfort food, with a pretty big menu - food is fine, not unbelievable, but it's not a bad option for late night.

          1. Pacific Dining Car (the original locale) for a late nite prime steak and martini.