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Oct 3, 2006 07:33 PM

Savannah Dining Recommendations

Any info on a Savannah Rest. owned by Paula Deen? Any other recommendations within a moderate price range that would be good for a large party (8-10 people). Thanks in advance

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  1. Owns two restaurants - Lady and Sons with her sons and Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House with her brother. Mainly southern-style cooking buffet at the Lady and Sons with a menu for those that don't care for buffets. Good food overall, but the meats are sometimes not the best. Atmosphere is what people pay for - Paula's. Of course, you can eat all you want, including biscuits and desserts that are brought to the table.
    Menu items are similar at Uncle Bubba's just off Hwy 80 and may actually taste better - if you're not looking for all those veggies. Char-grilled oysters are delicious, as well as the seafood pot pie. Not quite consistent, though. I've had good meals and bad there. But not nearly as busy. And I hear that Paula eats at Uncle Bubba's sometimes, but not at The Lady and Sons. Menu items will run near $17 - $22 if my memory is correct.
    What are you looking for? Historic? Downtown, Southside? Ethnic? Fine dining? Casual Dining? Kids? With a little more info perhaps we can help more.

    1. If it's still open, the Metropolitan serves a great burger and Bloody Mary (It's in a converted Greyhound station; when the temp is right, the open the bay doors).