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Oct 3, 2006 07:26 PM

Bad experience at La Flor

Stopped by La Flor earlier today for breakfast. I ordered the Vanilla Bean French Toast. The outer crust of the bread was charred black from being cooked too long and the toast was actually swimming in a huge puddle of maple syrup. It was just way too much syrup...almost like a soup portion. Overall, this made the toast overbearingly sweet. Not happy with this experience. The price was nice though. Only $4.95. I wish I would have enjoyed it though.

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  1. You should have returned it.

    1. The "swimming in syrup" is the usual presentation of the French Toast at La Flor as has been reported here before. Someone must like it if they keep serving it that way.
      I'm not quite sure how you would burn the crust of french toast though. Normally if you lay a slice of toast flat on a grill or pan, you could burn it, but the crust doesn't contact the grill/pan. Unless they used a loaf of burnt bread?

      1. El Jefe, you're correct in describing the way the toast may burn. That is the way I should have explained it, and that it what I meant. The actual slice of toast was black on the outside. I would think that it should be golden brown instead?

        As far as returning food, call me silly but I have always felt uncomfortable about doing this, especially when I'm the only customer in the restaurant at that moment.

        1. I have always LOVED breakfast at La Flor, but the service on a busy day is terrible. I can't imagine feeling comfortable returning anything, if you could manage to flag someone down before your companion is finished eating. But the granola/yogurt/fresh fruit dish is fantastic, and all of the egg dishes are good as well. I used to go there twice a week when I lived in Queens, and the servers never seemed to recognize me. But it is definitely one place where I would put up with bad service.

          1. La Flor is one of my favorite places!!! NEVER EVER HESITATE TO RETURN AN ITEM... Just make sure Viko the owner is there. If he is not, then it kinda falls on deaf ears...Viko takes his customers' comments fairly serious.