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Oct 3, 2006 07:25 PM

Eugene Food

Forget the Weekly--

What are the best Chowhound destinations in Eugene?

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  1. I've always wanted to try that italian place on 19th Bepe & Gianni's (I'm sure I didn't spell that right). Anyone have any thoughts on it?

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      I'll second that one. only place to get italian in town (not that there are that many options) Their specials are usually the way to go.

    2. I've previously posted this, but since you've asked...I've been around Oregon since 1974, and one of the best dinner experiences I've ever had was at King Estates Winery, just south of Eugene near Creswell...outside, under the blue sky, breathtaking view, wonderful salmon stuffed with pesto and ice wine.

      1. One of my favorite chow-houndish places is World Cafe on Blair next to Sam Bonds. Everything on the menu (short but sweet) is cheap and solid with maybe the burger being the only miss. Usually have a great beer on tap and have a great outdoor patio when the weather allows. My other favorite is Toshi's Ramen. This place is the ultimate for your ramen cravings. Probably the best ramen between Vancover and SanFran it is absolutly worth a visit. And since i'm on a roll I have to add Cart de Frisco. Killer chicken sammich. I think they are usually set up at Broadway and Olive? and maybe another at Oakway. Thats about all I have that are truely chowhoundish. Dos Aguilas alas is no more.

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          There's a Cart De Frisco on the UO campus at 13th and Kincaid. For taco carts, you can't beat Burrito Girl, who's currently occupying a parking lot on the west end of W. 11th, out past Wal Mart, etc.

        2. My favorite "Chowhoundish" place is Aiyara's, a Thai restaurant in the Gateway mall area. Try her noodle curries and anything on the specials board. I also covered some other cheap eats here:

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          1. Not a traditional venue, but I have new love for the Market of Choice hot deli and wood fired pizza nook. Both the Willamette store and the Franklin location make delicious savory pizzas and panini.