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Oct 3, 2006 07:19 PM

Lunch in Kingstowne/Springfield?

I meet my husband for lunch near Kingstown/Springfield Mall area often. Any suggestions for non-chain places? We've been to Pasaro too many time to count, especially for how hit or miss it can be. House of Dynasty is good but too heavy for lunch. It seems like near Trader Joe's there are quite a few little restaurants. Anyone try any? Thanks!

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  1. I'm sorry you haven't gotten any replies...but I think it's because there really isn't much to choose from in that area. I lived in Kingstowne for a year and then moved back to Arlington partially because of the lack of good restaurants and activities in this area...also because it wasn't very safe.

    I did, however, really like Pasara and it was right across the street from where I lived. Over near the Trader Joe's is Mike's American Grill (one of the Great American Restaurants...e.g. Sweet Water, Coastal Flats...etc.) Mike's has good, consistent food like the other G.A.R. chains. There is also a Five Guys over there for quick burgers and fries...not a nice joint but good (at least I think they're good).

    The Kingstowne/Springfield area has potential but unfortunately there isn't much there right now. Good Luck!

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      Thanks for responding. That's what we're finding, too, that there aren't many choices. I like Mike's but I find I always get the same thing at all the Great American restaurants. Maybe I'll just start trying out all these little restaurants that are out near Springfield. I'll report back if I find anything good.

    2. i'd agree with Mike's - I've not been for lunch, but their dinner is fantastic. Also, for quick and cheap mexican, the El Paso is good. It is there near Mike's on Commerce Street.

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        Mike's is about the same for lunch but it's good. I'll have to check out El Paso. I did try a Peruvian place behind Trader Joe's. Sit down was okay but they seemed to do a huge take out business.

      2. Really? I only barely know that area, but I find myself with whiplash as I drive through after seeing all the nice potentials.

        For one, one of the original 5 Guys is down there.

        Two, there's a little mall just south of the VW dealership, all the signs in the mall are in black and yellow. There's a very good Thai place back in the SW corner, a vietnamese place and some other interesting looking places throughout the mall.

        There's a couple of good looking holes in the wall sort of across from the VW dealership and a tad north, and in the mall on Old Keene Mill are a few places I know have piqued my interest.

        Sorry that I don't know more specifics, but it seems like you can have a few weeks of chow hunting to report to us all about.

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        1. re: Dennis S

          I'm up for the challenge.:-) I've tried some places on Backlick that weren't as good as the reviews I've seen in the paper. The ones behind the mall are what catch my eye. We'll start trying them out. My husband likes 5 guys, didn't know it was the one of the originals. I try to look for healthier options for lunch. Thanks!

          1. re: chowser

            On the Five Guys - it was one that existed well before they started franchising anyway, as to where in the order of existence it is, I'm not sure.

        2. I've been working near the Springfield mall for the past 6 months and have to agree that there really isn't much but I have found some "chowhound" places I keep returning to:

          Kate's Irish (in the shopping center across from Mike's) serves decent food at incredible prices. I like the irish stew but not fond of their corned beef.

          Delia's on Backlick (near the Jiffy Lube) the gyro greek salad is something to go back for, and most of their sandwich's are great, my fiancee loves the pizza and the dolmades entree.Also they have a very good Peruvian chicken that is served with two sides.

          El Paso - not bad, but not great either. the service is friendly.

          on the other side of the mall - I enjoy a Thai Place called Rice & Spice on Franconia (next to the Burrito Joynt - which I do not recommend). The owners of the Thai restaurant are really nice. The Asian Roll is great, fresh basil, fresh mint and plump shrimp. The rest of the dishes are above standard and they can make it very spicy if you ask.

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          1. re: MLP

            Thanks for the recommendations! I'll give that Thai place a try. I've wondered about Kate's Irish, too, and will have to check that out, too. Delia's confused me w/ the two restaurants in one. I have problems in places where the menu is like a novel!

          2. Yes, lots of choices at Delia's but I kind of think of Delia's as a greek diner with a peruvian twist. I grew up in New Jersey so it kind of reminds me of home. Good luck -- please post anything new that you find.