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Oct 3, 2006 07:05 PM

Smokin up a Storm

Well I have been putting the Smokin' Tex Backyard Smoker I got through its paces. Have done my usual Pork Ribs which have been turning out fine. Also Beef Short Ribs which also have been really good. Not falling off the bone juicy but fairly moist and certainly flavorful. An old friend who manages a restaurant here in W'burg almost squeezed me to death thanking me for bringing in some samples for her to taste. This stuff makes great sandwiches. Pastrami came out good. Started with a ready brined Corned Beef (Thick cut) Soaked in water in fridge for a day to get some of the salt out. That proved to be a good move cause the result was as salty as a good pastrami shoud be. Coated in Crushed Black pepper, Crushed Coriander seed, and garlic powder. Then about 4 hrs in the smoker at 215-220. At this stage I thought I had made a mummy out of it :) Wrapped in foil and put in fridge overnight. 3 hrs over steaming water. Got to say not bad and it seems to be improving even more as its sitting in the fridge for a few days. It's not Katz's in Manhattan but it's better than Boarshead. The last thing to share is that this thing makes Smoked Red Bell Peppers (which I had to roast after the smoking to blacken and then remove skin. They are the BEST Italian style Roasted Peppers I have ever made. What a deep smokiness yet sweetness at the same time. Dressed in olive oil with fresh minced garlic, chopped parsley and salt & pepper. Outrageous. I'm now taking holiday orders.:) :) Just kidding.

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  1. I'll be doing my holiday birds on my smoker.

    You oughta try garlic. Slice the root end off and heads on the smoker. Smoke for a couple hours (Until nice and soft and gooey). Take the garlic paste that you have and use it anywhere you'd use raw garlic. It's great.


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    1. re: Davwud

      Thanks for the rec DT I'll be sure to throw a couple or three heads in with the next meat I smoke

      1. re: Chas

        Essentially, you do it like roasted garlic. Only smoked.


    2. be sure to whip up a batch of smoked salt - just put some kosher or sea salt in a foil pan, and smoke it as long as you can, stirring occasionally.

      I have to smoke some brisket, boston butt, and sausage for my "heart attack" chili before it gets too cold outisde

      1. Try eggplant. Cook 'em til they collapse, scrape off the black skin, no rinsing as it takes away flavor, then mash with some olive oil, tahini, garlic, salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Heavenly.