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Oct 3, 2006 06:54 PM

Disney Wedding Dinner

My sister is getting married in January at the Disney wedding pavilion. She has a party of about 20 total that she and her husband would like to take to an early dinner at 4pm. She's looking for a steak place that won't break the bank. We've checked into the Yachtsman restaurant but prices are fairly steep. Perhaps it is not possible to find anything with entrees less than that for a wedding party? Would anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for any pointers.

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  1. Charley's on U.S. 192, just across the street from the entrance to Celebration, might be an option. Steaks are good and prices are fair.

    Check out their Website.

    You might also ask your Disney planner to get you a price on a steak dinner, set menu, in one of the Disney hotel function rooms.


    1. Thanks for the tips - unfortunately, Charley's does not have their menu on the web. I'll call the restaurant and see if they can fax it to us. Hopefully as you suggested the Disney wedding planner could help out too. Thanks --

      1. Just another thought.

        It's farther away -- north International Drive -- but there's an all you can eat churrascaria restaurant called Texas de Brazil that has a huge selection of meat, plenty of sides and salads for the less interested in steak crowd and a reasonable per person price for a group with plenty of space for private dining.

        Contact information is:
        5259 International Dr
        Orlando, FL 32819
        (407) 355-0355

        Might be worth checking out if you can go that far from your hotel.