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Oct 3, 2006 06:44 PM

Weston, MO

We're headed up to Weston, Missouri this weekend for the Apple Festival. I haven't been to Weston in 4 years and was wondering if anyone had a great recommendation for dinner in the area!

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  1. wow, I remember going there as a child. I cant tell you any good places to eat, but I remember that the caramel apples were great...although maybe it was all the sugar that I really liked. Good memories...

    1. I'm sure she will check in on this thread, but check out Mushroom's profile... one of her top 5 restaurants is in Weston (The Vinyards).

      1. For a casual meal, The America Bowman is very good, try the Atlantic Salmon or Beef in Guinness, both are very good. Our kids love the fish and chips and the mac and cheese.

        1. Love Weston! It's been a year or two since we've been for more than shopping and a quick, casual lunch. However....

          We've been to The Vineyards several times and it has never disappointed. It's excellent, unpretentious food. Ditto on the staff. There was a good review in The Star a few months back -I think you'd find it helpful. I usually get what our server recommends and my husband usually gets their beef or lamb entree. (Not to take away from anything - more of a disclaimer really - all of our visits were when our girls were babies and we were escaping to a B&B for the weekend - so, a candlelit dinner at McDonalds would have been fantastic, too.) That being said, I often go for lunch with my girlfriends and we always enjoy it.

          The Avalon is quite good, as well. I've only been there for lunch - but it was enjoyable.

          The restaurant at O'Malley's Irish Pub is great for casual pub food. I think it's The Bowman (The Plowman? - Heck, I don't remember -I just call it O'Malley's!)that another poster recommended. Their Beef in Guinness is good! If it wasn't socially unacceptable I would have picked up my plate and licked it! Great place to throw back a few pints - if that's your pleasure.

          1. thank you! i had heard good things about the Vineyards, but the menu looked a little meat-heavy and i'm more of a fish eater, so i wasn't sure if i would enjoy it as much as my husband, the carnivore.
            with these recommendations i think we should probably eat both lunch AND dinner in weston. and maybe snag a caramel apple for walking around.