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How many meals a week to you eat out? [moved from General Topics]

I eat lunch out 6 times a week, breakfast 3-4 times, dinner 2-3 times. Maybe I should stay home and cook more?

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  1. only dinner and the hubby and i usually only dine out on weekends so i'll say 1-2 times/week.

    1. too many. Similiar to you: breakfast 3-4x/week, lunch 5x/week, dinner 3-5x/week. The main problem is that neither my SO or I have ever really gotten the hang of the "30-minute" meal. When we cook at home, it's always a pretty involved effort, even in the middle of the week. (Pasta for dinner? Seems like it should and could be simple, but no, my SO will make the noodles from scratch and I'll go out and collect hydrogen and oxygen from mountain air to make pure water to boil them in. Just kidding about making my own water, but you get the idea.) If we don't feel like spending 3 hours in the kitchen cooking, we go out for dinner. And neither of us ever have time in the morning to make something either of us would be happy eating for breakfast and lunch. It's completely idiotic and at some point I really need to figure out how to make and actually enjoy more simple meals.

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        Hello... are you my husband?! This says us all the way, except we hardly ever go out for breakfast except once and a while on the weekends. Lunch, he pretty much always eats out unless he remembers that there's good leftovers at home. I go through stages where I'm good about bringing my lunch, but I've been going through a really long stage where I haven't brought my lunch hardly at all. Dinner has been horrid lately... I'd say we've been eating out at least 5 times a week for the past couple of months. My 30-minute meals usually take me at least an hour and a half!

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          That would be a long distance relationship!

          In my (our) defense, when I say breakfast out, I mean I'm buying a bowl of oatmeal for $1.39 at a campus restaurant. I'm never home during the day, hence all the lunches out. Most of my meals out are relatively inexpensive, so I don't think I'm spending too much. I usually cook dinner at home.

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          This is me and my SO, too, if not worse! I think part of the problem is thinking of a homecooked meal as something from scratch from start to finish. When, in reality, a "homecooked meal" could be sandwiches some nights. Or soup and salad. Easy peasy. On weeks when I am thinking this way and have (key) actually stocked my cupboards as such, I am more included to cook more vs. ordering out. I need to get back into the habit of eating breakfast "at home". To me, bringing oatmeal packets from home and heating up at work (vs. buying an egg sandwich on the way or something) counts!

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            Yes, I definitely struggle with that! I think we had too many sandwiches growing up, so now I hate to have *just* a sandwich for dinner! I'm stuck on feeling like I need at least 3 or 4 courses... I hate that I feel that way!

        3. Rarely. It is usually a special occasion for the better restaurants and for the little ethnic places 1-2 times a month. Tonight might be one of them, it is usually when I am really tired. Most nights I cook from scratch and 99% of the time we both come home for lunch. We have breakfast out when traveling but not when we are home. We prefer to save our dining out $$$ for special places like London next week.

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            That's what we should do - save up for a trip, but:

            Breakfast - never
            Lunch - 1-2 times - we love a leisurely Saturday lunch, followed by a nap, and maybe some cheese, pate & wine (nibblies) for dinner.
            Dinner - 3-4 - cheap sushi one night, a neighborhood "i don't feel like cooking place", often dinner out Friday night.

            Special occasions are always celebrated at home with a somewhat elaborate meal.

          2. My SO and I tend to get take out for dinner about 2x a week during the week and dine out at least once on the weekends. I'm lucky in that my day doesn't really start until 1 pm so I am able to eat both breakfast and lunch at home.

            1. I dont eat breakfast at all.

              But I eat lunch out 2x a week Mon-Fri, and the wife and I go out to dinner about 4x a week.

              1. Breakfast about 1x week
                Lunch about 3-4 times a week
                Dinner about 4x week

                We always eat out on Friday nights and then usually Sunday, and either Monday or Tuesday along with Wednesday and Thursday. We only go out on Saturdays if it's for a special occasion or with friends/family.

                And we never go out on Valentine's or NYE or other amateur nights.

                1. Breakfast, hardly ever!! Even on weekends...

                  Lunch, I bring my lunch everyday.... either left overs, a sandwich or Tamales from our neighborhood Tamale Lady.

                  Eating out for Dinner... well, it depends on what is 'eating' out. I am the take out QUEEN... now that I'm back at school, I suspect we're getting take out at least twice a week (Yesterday it was Bahn Mi from Mr. Baguette...YUM!!). We actually go to a sit down place probably once a week (mostly on weekends). But most of our dinners are cooked at home either in experimenting with a new recipe, keeping it light and simple (Such as a recent 'okra' stew') or entertaining a group of friends.

                  We're a Household that loves variety, no matter where it comes from... :)


                  1. Funny, from reading your posts, I would have thought you were eating out all the time. I count take out as eating out.

                    1. Too many to count. And frequently, a "meal" can cover several hours and as many different restaurants.


                      1. Even including grabbing lunch somewhere, about eight times a month. We cook a lot.

                        1. Breakfast 1X a week - meaning a bagel at work
                          Sunday Brunch maybe 1X a month - as a social thing usually
                          Lunch 1X a week - more often when I worked downtown with great food within walking distance.
                          Dinner - less than 1X a week since we had a baby. We actually have Friday scheduled as our night to get take-out or go out.

                          I enjoy cooking and we like stews and leftovers just fine. So this week for example we had pasta bake - made Sunday - on Monday and Wednesday, and a chicken stew - made Monday night - on Tuesday and Thursday, plus I had the leftovers for lunch today. I know a lot of people wouldn't be able to stomach this but it works fine for us. I love eating out but money, time and baby are obstacles.

                          1. We go out to lunch about once a week. We used to go out to dinner only a couple of times a year, birthdays, etc. You cant believe over the period of a decade or more what a difference it can make in your pocketbook. The same meal at home costs only about a quarter of what it costs in a restaurant. We also kept cars for a long time, since we werent inheritors this was the only way we could afford a home in Malibu, dont kid yourself, eating out a lot really adds up over time, is it worth it? Not IMHO.

                            1. We might go out to dinner once a week, if that. Sometimes MrDeeDee will go out for breakfast or lunch while running errands, maybe once a week. I eat breakfast - oatmeal or cereal or smoothies - before I leave the house in the morning. I carry my lunch, usually a salad with some sort of protein, and almost always cook dinner. Weekday dinners are simple, just meat/chicken/fish with lots of vegetables and sometimes a starch, or sometimes pasta and meatballs or a noodle and shrimp dish, for instance. Nothing that takes more than half an hour, since I don't get home from work until late and go to bed early. So, that makes twice a week for the two of us.