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Oct 3, 2006 06:14 PM

Barbecue in Kirkwood/Sunset Hills (St. Louis)

Will be there this weekend and am curious about 2 possible places--is the SuperSmokers on Watson Rd (east of Kirkwood) still there? (I had heard something about several locations closing)
Also, I had heard about a barbecue place on Big Bend west of the SLCC Meramac campus behind some Chinese restaurant. Any details on that place (name, number)? Thanx for any info.

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  1. Super Smokers did go out of business. One location has supposedly reopened in Eureka.

    The other place you are thinking about is Richard's Ribs just west of Steak and Rice Chinese restaurant on Big Bend at Lindbergh. I went there once a long time ago but don't remember my thoughts on it (it's a bit out of the way for me).

    Here's info from Sauce:

    1. I just looked at today's menu for Riddles, in the U. City. They are serving barbeque tonight: I say check on it for the weekend.

      1. I am a vegetarian, so I have never stopped at Richard's Ribs. It is in a small building and looks like a one-man operation. This may not be the place to go for a nice evening out, but the bbq could be good.