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Oct 3, 2006 06:12 PM

Cheap take out in Arlington VA

I'm new to the Arlington/Balston/Clarendon area and have found very little options for cheap and tasty take out. Any recommendations?

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  1. El Charrito Caminante on Washington Blvd for amazing Salvadoran/Mexican

    Italian Store on Lee Highway for great authentic subs and pizza

    Cafe Tirolo in Ballston for Austrian/Italian

    1. Tons.

      The chicken places, El Pollo Rico and I believe Super Pollo (behind Ballston Mall).

      ECC as mentioned, to be sure. Up near Arrowwine is La Union, which I finally made it to, with super veggie enchiladas, as mentioned initially by Steve, who you should track in order to find all good cheap eats.

      I have issues with Italian Store due to their lack of attentiveness to service and that I am mainly out in the Herndon area with the much superior (imo) The Deli, but if you go, just go in a very non peak time.

      There's also a good tacqueria on Columbia Pike in the parking lot of the CVS - get the chorizo tacos.

      Attilla's is good down there, and very reasonably priced is Thai Square - the best thai in the whole area to many on this board.

      1. You're only a few miles from Eden Center - tons of inexpensive Vietnamese options.

        Minh's (Vietnamese) is in Clarendon.

        Crisp and Juicy (Peruvian chicken, in the same shopping center as Arrowine).

        There's a Moby Dick in Clarendon, although I can't vouch for that location.

        1. Moby Dick
          kabob bazaar
          El Charrito Caminante
          Cafe Tirolo
          Pizza from Pizza Roma in Ballston
          El Pollo Rico
          hot subs from Mario's
          cold subs from the Italian Store
          sandwiches form Earl's Sandwiches

          1. Thanks for the input, I'll be sure to check those places out. Any one known if the new indian place next to Clarendon Ballroom is worth a visit?

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              I haven't tried that Indian place but I think that Minerva Express is the best Indian I have had in the area and it is very inexpensive.


              1. re: sekelmaan

                SInce the original post is from 2006, I think its refering to Delhi Club, which is actually quite solid for takeout. On another note the lunch buffet there is supposed to be a unreal deal. $8.95 on weekdays, and 11.95 on weekends (with an extended selection).

                Delhi Club
                1135 N Highland St, Arlington, VA 22201

                1. re: chaofun

                  Are you sure they have a weekday buffet? I enjoyed the weekend buffet a while back, and when I was back in the neighborhood (last December) on a weekday, they didn't have the buffet out. The website only mentions a weekend buffet, as well.

                  1. re: hamster

                    The Web site also has a coupon that expires in 2007 ...

                    I believe I have read elsewhere that there is a weekday buffet.

                    1. re: hamster

                      Here is a posting from the Delhi Club owner on DonRockwell from July 9th re the buffet:


                      Delhi Club
                      1135 N Highland St, Arlington, VA 22201

                      1. re: chaofun

                        Good to know, thanks for that info!