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Oct 3, 2006 05:48 PM

North African restaurants in Paris

My finacee and I are heading to Paris for a week and (thanks in part to this website) have put together a pretty good list of restaurants to go to... but the one thing I'm dying to try is North African.

We're looking for an authentic place that's not too trendy, but also not necessarily looking for a hole-in-the-wall. Moderately price food is fine.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Oh, we're staying in the 6th, but will be all over the city while we're there.

    1. L'Atlas, 12 Blvd. St. Germaine in the 5th has very good couscous and is moderately priced. The first course and salads are decent, but I am a real sucker for their brik.

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        I wholeheartedly second the L'Atlas recommendation. We were just in Paris and ate there twice(!). The tagines were outstanding. We tried lamb with figs and walnuts, lamb with quince, lemon with preserved chicken, and the "sans viande" which I suspect changes seasonally, but in early fall had tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and peppers (sort of a Moroccan ratatouille, but without the basil). The couscous and grilled meats were also excellent. We were waaay too full to try the desserts, so I can't speak to them. A reservation is not strictly necessary but probably wouldn't hurt.

      2. I am considering visiting Chez Omar, famous for their couscous, It is in the 3eme. MAybe someone can tell us their experiences there...

        1. We visited Chez Omar a couple of weeks ago. We went on a Thursday at 8:30, no problems getting seated. Food was delicious. We ordered cous-cous (no tagines there), and it was a beauty. The cous cous was very very fine, almost like sand, and moist. It came in a big platter to share (we were 3 people eating). They also brought a huge portion of the vegetables- zucchini, carrots, etc in a tomato based broth, which was very very good. The chicken and the merguez we ordered came separately- you mix them all in your plate. The chicken was moist and very nicely season, although it was a gigantic breast in the bone, which isn't the easiest to eat. The merguez was very good. We had beer with it. We did have room for dessert, and we ordered some pastries. They put a GIGANTIC platter of them for you to choose. They were really good, especially the ones that look like little bags with almonds.
          The place didn't seem trendy at all - at least not by NYC standards. It was mellow, and while busy, the staff was attentive. Not super nice- we kind of had the impression they were talking about us in arabic- but it was a fun place to be, and interesting to see that type of dynamic. I really enjoyed the meal.

          1. We just got back from Paris and last Friday night ate at Chez Hamidi, 4 Rue Boutebrie in the 5th. Right off of Blvd. St. Germain. It is Tunisian and we had amazing couscous. My husband had the grilled steak and I had chicken. It was perfect. The weather was great so we sat on the tiny sidewalk. This place hasn't changed in over 25 years and has been voted the best couscous in Paris. Our Tunisian cab driver said he has been eating there for 25 years too and proclaimed it the most authentic. For 30 euros we had the two couscous, a pichet of red wine and bottle of Pelligrino. Great service and fun atmosphere on a Friday night in Paris. I highly recommend it.