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Best Brooklyn Prix Fixe?

It's too often that I forget about the wonders of the prix-fixe dinner. Would love to get out more in Brooklyn and try some new places, but I don't want to break the bank. What's your vote for best Brooklyn Prix Fixe?

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  1. Chestnut on Smith Street - 3 courses for $25 and you can chose from almost the entire normal menu. Tues-Thurs it is offered - I think.

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      Agreed. And, 360 and Five Front also have very nice prix fixe meals. I believe that Five Front is only during certain weekdays.

    2. Another vote for Chestnut - I just ate there with my mom the other day, mom is VERY picky and is always changing her orders, sending things back, asking a million questions and generally being a real pain in the you-know-what at restaurants. Well, she LOVED Chestnut. She did not have one single complaint from the bread to the dessert - this never happens. The service was impeccable, they could not have been nicer or more accomodating.

      1. Saul - any night but Saturday - 3 courses for $30.00 pp. Hard to beat for this very high quality of food preparation.

        1. Chestnuts great Prix Fixe is Tuesday and Wednesday only. Also I think that Garden Cafe still has its prix fixe Tuesday to Thursday.

          1. one other good prix fixe deal is at Chance (Smith Street at Butler). They have a daily $17 3 course and a $26 3 course--each menu has 2 choices per course. Their food is very good and the prix fixe are an excellent value.

            1. Try Caffe Carciofo, they have a great $19.95 Pre fix, Mon- _Thurs. 3 course including any specials of the day. Then you can have a half or full carafe of thier great house wine for $9-$14 .I tried the others and this is right up there and an unbeatable value.

              1. I cant say best (cause I havent tried them all) but in Prospect Heights there are 3 restaurants that offer Prix fixe and all have very good food:

                Aliseo (some weekdays only)
                The Garden Cafe (some weekdays only)

                1. I like 12th Street Bar & Grill on 12th Street & 8th Ave. (Park Slope). They have a Monday/Tuesday price fixe for $22.95 (I think) for 3 courses - appetizer, main course & dessert. All are full size portions and very, very good. The restaurant is not busy on those nights, although they will take a reservation.

                  1. We also use the Prix fixe weekday deals to try out restaurants and I've hit most of the ones listed on this board. I have to say I think Chestnut is the best deal for the quality of food and service. We finally made it to Saul last night and I was a bit disappointed with the selections. Yes its an amazing deal if you are going to try the place and don't mind sacrificing for the $30 deal but the choices leave a bit to be desired. None of my companions ended up going for the prix fixe. The variety of items you can get at Chestnut or 360 is just a much larger range at a very high quality. I just keep finding myself comparing to Chestnut and it is still tops. Not to say Saul isn't fabulous but if we're talking prix fixe, my vote is Chestnut as well.

                      1. CHESTNUT is exactly the kind of Prix Fixe we love. The possibility of choosing any three dishes from their full, regular Menu make the experience even better.

                        I think their philosophy works. We have eaten there many times on Tuesday and Wednesday, and we have taken friends there on other nights of the week.

                        The raves are unanimous. Everyone loves the food for its quality, taste, presentation and originality. The fact that one csan enjoy all this for only $25 makes it unique.