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Oct 3, 2006 05:34 PM

Adega- any recent visits, pls share your review.

hi all

can anyone share a recent review about adega for me? Planning to check this restaurant out next week. Any standout dishes I should try? thanks in advance!

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  1. Yes, I was there last Friday, service was quite good even though it was busy.
    We had a light dinner, salad with goat cheese to start..was delicious then tagliatelle with shrimp and it was delicious, tomato sauce with just enough nip to make it interesting.. the number of shrimp was generous, but they were not overly large..
    Specialties that night did not excite although I noticed most of the diners had the fish, a type of portuguese sea bass?

    1. I took my BF there for his birthday last week...we were catching a show of wicked at 8pm so I made reservations for 6pm. We were seated right away, the restaurant was intimate and cozy...dim lighting, tables spaced well so that weren't interrupted too much by other peoples conversations. We were served bread with olive oil and olives. I really liked the olives with the bread. We had an app. of the seafood bisque, it was a smooth soup, I think i would have preferred some chunks of seafood rather then completely pureed but it was still quite good. Also ordered the grilled squid, I really enjoyed the squid, it was tender and well seasoned. It came with grilled eggplant, yellow pepper and pineapple. For mains, we both choose from the daily feature off the menu. I had the portuguese sea was served whole and grilled with a pesto sauce, scallopped potato and veg. The portion was huge, the fish was very tender the only thing is I would ahve preferred the fish already de-boned but I guess it tastes better grilled whole? Also had the rack of lamb, cooked med. rare with mash. App $8-10 and mains $25-30 with half litre of wine the meal was about $130. I would go again, the food was good and the service was great.