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Oct 3, 2006 05:30 PM


Is their calamari worth the price? Best type of salmon? Best beef or meat dish for non fish pal? Best sole dish?

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  1. Is their calamari worth the price?


    Best type of salmon? Best beef or meat dish for non fish pal? Best sole dish?

    Uh, I like Scomas for the lunch special. I think it is a great deal for the price. They have their own fishing fleet and the fish is uber-fresh.

    Would I recommend Scoma's unless someone was hell-bent on eating at Fisherman's Wharf or had some other special critera ... no.

    The sides are mediocre. The prices are too high. Unless they fixed the bread, they screwed up their formerly excellent sourdough.

    The special criteria is if someone had limited mobility. There is free, at the door valet parking at Scoma's. It doesn't get any better than that.

    I drop in from time to time for lunch because I just like it.

    But prices are high for dinner, despite the freshness of the fish. Don't know about the non-fish dishes since Scoma's is all about the fish.

    1. The only thing going for this place is that they have fresh fish that is a fairly good deal at lunch. Also, their crabcakes are 100% crab (no bread filler), but that is a moot point until crab season comes around. I'd have to say that nothing there is worth the price, considering other places in the city with fresh fish (Hayes St Grill, for instance).

      Their sides are AWFUL - hospital-cafeteria-quality, and the main dishes are UNBELIEVABLY expensive for what they are. The wine list is laughable. It's riding on nothing but reputation that it was the place to go circa 1974. It completely depresses me that this place makes any money in San Francisco.

      1. Scoma's is a legend. People know it's supposed to be a destination place on Fisherman's Wharf.