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Oct 3, 2006 05:22 PM

Coming to SF mid Oct

My wife and I are coming to SF Oct 16-21, and will be staying on Van Ness near Fisherman's Wharf. We will be without a car so looking for cheaper eats around that area. Burritos, Seafood, sushi, local places we need to go to???

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  1. Nothing around that area is going to be super cheap, but you can take a bus adventure to other areas - or a cable car if you don't mind paying the fare. It's hard to find cheaper foods around the more popular sights in San Francisco. If you don't mind wandering, try the Mission for burritos or, if you are truly adventurous, the Tenderloin area for excellent Indian food. Be aware, though, this is kind of a dicey part of town, so don't go if you're nervous and stay away at night.

    Hayes Valley is down Van Ness about a mile and has a bunch of nice little restaurants and great boutique shops. There are busses that run straight down Van Ness. You can get off at City Hall and check that out, too. It's beautiful inside. In Hayes Valley, if you're in the mood to pretend that you're in Chicago, Moishe's is great for huge deli sandwiches and Patxi is perfect for deep dish pizza. If not, Flipper's is excellent for extensive burger options and has an outside patio. Frjtz has inexpesive crepes and excellent Belgian french Fries with a patio, as well. There's a new place called Cafe Grillade that is good, albeit kind of chain-y feeling. Arlequin Cafe has excellent sandwiches and a super secret huge back patio. They also have a wine shop. The owners are very nice and helpful and the wine prices are surprisingly reasonable. All of these places are on Hayes Street between Franklin and Laguna - about 3 blocks. Very convenient if you want choices for food and fun shopping. Your wife will die for the shoes on this street. They're too expensive for me, but great for window shopping. Try Haseena on Hayes between Laguna Octavia and Laguna for affordable, cute clothes.

    1. As far as food, the north end of Van Ness is a mostly good neighborhood to get out of. Not a great place for a food-lover to stay.

      1. What they said. The only good thing I can think of in that area is In N Out, which is not unique to San Francisco, and anyway is in the heart of the tourist madness. On the other hand, if you've never had an In N Out burger, you should definitely give that a try -- it's FAR superior to McDo and BK.

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          In-N-Out is a Los Angeles-based chain. It's the kind of hamburger you might make at home if you bought your ingredients at a supermarket and didn't have a charcoal grill.

        2. There is one good place north on Van Ness called Ya-ya. I think it's iraqi. It's unique and very good and not too pricy ($12-18 for an entree). Check it out and let us know what you think.

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              I think this is the reincarnation of the old YaYa around 9th Avenue. I had the best braised lamb shank there I've ever had in a restaurant. I remember that the posts for the new place were as Melanie says.

            2. Sad to say, I agree with the poster who said its a neighborhood to get out of food-wise (and in other respects as well). Try to get out into the Mission, lower Haight, Inner Richmond... lots of suggestions for those neighborhoods on here.