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Oct 3, 2006 04:54 PM

Best Cheesesteaks in the Montgomery County Suburbs?

OK, I'm not sure if this has been addressed, but can anyone help?

Is anyone familiar with Ray's cheesesteaks in Landsdale? That's the best that I've had so far. Unfortunately, they are closed on Sunday and with Eagles games coming on, I need a backup.


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  1. Try Lou's Steaks&Zeps on E. Main St in Norristown.

    1. Try Halligan's Pub on Bethlehem Pike in Flourtown. Great cheesesteaks and buffalo chicken cheesesteaks and probably 8 TV's with the game on...E - A - G - L - E - S.

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      1. re: Den

        If you can take the smoke at Halligan's bar. Do you know if they've banned smoking yet?

      2. I had a steak at the Jarrettown Hotel in Dresher a few weeks back and it was surprisingly good! Not sure if they do takeout though.....

        1. Pudges in Blue Bell might be the best I have ever had. To me it is the quintessentiual (sp) cheesesteak--much better than any of the Center City tourist traps. I understand that they have opened shops in Jeffersonville and Collegeville as well.

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            I don't eat cheesesteaks often, though I like them very much and Pudge's is near my home. I took my son for supper a few weeks ago and was genuinely excited for a special treat. Each time we'd eaten there in the past, was just terrific.

            After my recent visit, I'm not sure that I'll go back. I ordered my son a cheesesteak and got myself a cheesesteak without the roll. (Nice that they'll make it that way.) He scarfed his down so I didn't taste it, but mine was just awful. The meat was bland a gristly and the cheese was plopped on top and not even melted.

            I don't know if they were having an off day of if the cook that day hadn't been trained, but it totally turned me off to the place.

          2. Pudges is a good spot but I'm pretty sure they aren't open Sunday.