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Best Cheesesteaks in the Montgomery County Suburbs?

OK, I'm not sure if this has been addressed, but can anyone help?

Is anyone familiar with Ray's cheesesteaks in Landsdale? That's the best that I've had so far. Unfortunately, they are closed on Sunday and with Eagles games coming on, I need a backup.


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  1. Try Lou's Steaks&Zeps on E. Main St in Norristown.

    1. Try Halligan's Pub on Bethlehem Pike in Flourtown. Great cheesesteaks and buffalo chicken cheesesteaks and probably 8 TV's with the game on...E - A - G - L - E - S.

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        If you can take the smoke at Halligan's bar. Do you know if they've banned smoking yet?

      2. I had a steak at the Jarrettown Hotel in Dresher a few weeks back and it was surprisingly good! Not sure if they do takeout though.....

        1. Pudges in Blue Bell might be the best I have ever had. To me it is the quintessentiual (sp) cheesesteak--much better than any of the Center City tourist traps. I understand that they have opened shops in Jeffersonville and Collegeville as well.

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            I don't eat cheesesteaks often, though I like them very much and Pudge's is near my home. I took my son for supper a few weeks ago and was genuinely excited for a special treat. Each time we'd eaten there in the past, was just terrific.

            After my recent visit, I'm not sure that I'll go back. I ordered my son a cheesesteak and got myself a cheesesteak without the roll. (Nice that they'll make it that way.) He scarfed his down so I didn't taste it, but mine was just awful. The meat was bland a gristly and the cheese was plopped on top and not even melted.

            I don't know if they were having an off day of if the cook that day hadn't been trained, but it totally turned me off to the place.

          2. Pudges is a good spot but I'm pretty sure they aren't open Sunday.

            1. Thanks for the replies....

              Did Pudge's change hands? I heard the original owner passed away. I've never had a sandwich there. My co-worker had one about a month ago, who is also looking for the best steaks, though said it was alright. Nothing great. I haven't tried for myself.

              I also heard the owner's of Ray's in Lansdale and Pudge's were somehow related.

              What about Slack's hoagie Shack in Lansdale? Anyone ever been?

              1. Mama's in Bala Cynwyd makes awesome, though different, cheese steaks.

                They use a good cut of meat and coat it in Mozzarella cheese. Takes about 15 minutes to make one but is well worth the wait.

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                  Mamma's is closed Sunday. BTW, they use a pound of meat and a pound of cheese in every sandwich.

                2. Mamma's is a pizza lover's cheese steak, and not typical of the genre. If you are looking for quantity it can't be beat, but it is IMO more like a Stromboli than a real cheese steak.

                  Pudge's is HUGE, but if you order one with sauce, EAT IT THERE !! It will soak through the roll before you get a mile with it.

                  Any old-timers remember Shad's in Norristown ?? THAT roll was the coolest thing. A thin cylinder, that was crusty on the outside and chewy inside... The Mansion House in Conshy says their rolls are called "Shad Sticks", but I think maybe Borzillo's kept the name but not the recipe.

                  Try and find a place that uses Conshohocken Bakery rolls !! They go stale quicker than Amoroso or Borzillo, but when they are fresh, they are out of this world.

                  I might give them a ring and ask them who buys their rolls....

                  1. Pepperoncini uses Conshohocken Bakery Rolls (and they are obviously fresh and delicious). I have only had their Roast Pork w/Sharp Provolone and Broccoli Rabe (which I suggest you try... and they have a sports bar). They do not do cheesesteaks however.

                    1. Pudges is very good (the one in Collegeville is still not open yet). From what I understand one brother owns the one in Blue Bell and Collegeville and another brother owns the one in Jeffersonville. I do not believe that the two brothers are on speaking terms.

                      The Phils Tavern in Broad Axe is excellent.

                      Also Classic in Limerick is very good as well.

                      Not a fan of Lou's (Norristown) or Lou's 2 (Trappe).

                      1. My favorite place for cheese steaks is in Quakertown at a little place called Franks, it's near the 7-11 on 309. They are big and greasey and delicious!!

                        1. Not sure how far west you want to go, but Tallericos in Boyertown is the best I've had in the area. They use Conshohocken rolls (which are darn good).

                          1. Take the R6 Septa train or any other train that goes in the city. Get off at Suburban Station, walk to Broad and take the subway south to Snyder Ave. Take the bus on Snyder Ave east until Front St. Get off and look for a shack. That is John's Roast Pork and get yourself a real cheesesteak.

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                              Older Philadelphian, did you read the request? It said Montgomery County suburbs. What, a "real" cheesesteak can't exist outside the city? Please. Steak, cheese, fried onions, good crusty roll. It ain't that tough, and yes, they can be found outside the city. Silvios in Hatboro, Sal's Pizzeria in Warrington (Bucks County, right on the border with Montco) and The Jarrettown Hotel in Dresher come to mind.

                              There was someone arguing on this board a couple months ago that the best cheesesteaks could be found in South Jersey, and Philly steaks are overrated. Just plain silly. I've touted the city and it's culinary wonders to quite a few weak-hearted, city-phobic suburbanites in my day.........now does it have to be vice versa for pretentious, xenophobic Philadelphians?

                            2. Cheesesteak likes and dislikes are all relative to the person on the eating end of the sandwich.

                              I for one frown heavily on Mama's (in Bala) - they're huge, but so greasy and bland.

                              Pudge's - eek. stak away.

                              Phil's did a good steak (Broad Axe)

                              and then theres places like tony Lukes or D'allesandros in philly

                              1. IMO, one of the most important factors is eat in or take out. It's never as good with take out.

                                For you cheesesteak fans, take a look at a great site that rates a bunch of spots.


                                1. I haven't had a lot of experience in the cheesesteak arena but I would second the recommendation of Classic's in Limerick and would also recommend Vince and Tony's in Limerick/Royersford. Both are open on Sundays and take to go orders.

                                  1. Hi Everyone! Thanks for the responses!

                                    I do go downtown and have tried several sandwiches at various locations. Generally, now when I go for a cheesesteak, it's when I'm in my hometown, either for a quick takeout or something to eat while watching a game on the weekend!

                                    So yes, Montgomery County is where I'm searching, more so in the Lansdale vicinity!

                                    1. Try Webbie's Pizza in Chalfont. They're located on 202 near Skyline Drive. They've got a very good cheesesteak and their rolls are freshly baked every day. It's a bit of a hike from Lansdale, but worth it. I think they're open until 7 on Sundays.

                                      Besides Ray's, that's the best I've had in the area.

                                      1. http://www.bestcheesesteaks.com/

                                        This is a pretty good reference. I live in Merion right outside the City (two blocks from St.Joes / Larry's) so I mostly get mine in the city.

                                        Dakota Pizza in Wynnewood makes one that rivals John's Roast Pork .

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                                          I got one from Dakota once and they had sesame seeds on the roll. I almost called and complained. Sesame seeds? On a cheesesteak?

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                                            Sarcone's and Carangi's long rolls have sesame seeds. Best sandwich rolls in the city. You should complain if they DON'T have sesame seeds!!!

                                        2. If I remember correctly, the rolls at John's Roast Pork have sesame seeds and it's the best cheesesteak in Philly.

                                          1. I can not agree that sesame seeds on a cheesesteak roll is a good idea. Since the seeds are toasted and taste very flavorful, the sesame taste interferes with the sandwich. Some burgers have sesame seeds but the rolls are not as substantial and so the seeds are not as toasted, and not as flavorful.

                                            Having eaten at Pat's and Genos, one of which I have heard uses Sarcone's rolls, I found that NEITHER of these classic cheesesteak places uses sesame rolls. As they started the cheesesteak, I can only bow to their expertise. I am not saying that they make the best steaks, only that they are the founders and would know what is correct.

                                            Don't get me wrong. I love sesame seeds. Having a sesame seed bagel, lightly toasted, with vege cream cheese is one of my treats to myself. But, having eaten a cheesesteak with sesame seeds and one without, I definitely vote for without.

                                            What's next? Cheesesteak on rye bread? ; )

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                                              Sarcone's makes a seedless roll also.

                                              I disagree wholeheartedly.....the seeded bread is a fantastic addition of flavor to the cheesesteak. Pat's and Geno's are hardly the bastions of quality sandwiches. John's Roast Pork vs. Genos and Pat's.....not even close. John's blows 'em away and does it without the neon garishness, gristle (Pat's....yuck) and anti-immigrant invective. And they use a seeded roll!!

                                              1. re: G Goo

                                                I absolutely agree that Pat's & Geno's are not the marks of cheesesteak quality but they are the inventors. As you said G Goo, the sesame seeds are an "addition of flavor to the cheesesteak". However, they are not the classic cheesesteak and their addition is definitely a matter of taste. You may like it and I may not.

                                                I don't agree with anyone fiddling around with a classic, and especially not letting you know before you order it. And if I order a ruben, it should be on rye. Some people may even like poppy seeds on their cheesesteak roll, but please don't serve me one like that.

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                                                  There's no subject less objective than cheesesteak preferences!

                                                  I just think that sesame seeds make such a subtle difference that I'm surprised the subject even came up. And I would think the mark of a great steak is the quality of the ingredients, and you can't get a better italian roll than the seeded roll from Carangi's. And if all cheesesteak makers were emulating the "inventors", than the cheesesteak would be one sad sandwich, area-wide.

                                            2. You are so right about cheesesteak preferences!

                                              It seems as if you aren't really sensitive to the taste of sesame seeds. But, I just REALLY taste sesame seeds when they are toasted and it ruins the rest of the cheesesteak ingredients for me, no matter what the quality.

                                              Taste is funny. For example, I had heard that some people can't taste black truffles, some people think that they taste horrible and some think that they are heavenly. It all depends on a gene that people have.

                                              I guess that my sesame gene is different than yours. ;)

                                              1. If you haven't done it, you may want to try a John's Roast Pork cheesesteak even though it has seeds. They get their rolls from Carangi's bakery and it would be a hard battle to decide whether Carangi's or Sarcone's are better.

                                                I think once you've had a cheesesteak from John's, all others will be measured against it!!

                                                1. Here's another suggestion: the Collegeville Italian Bakery on West Ridge Pike makes an amazing Chicken Cheesesteak. I think it's called a Chicken Italiano and it's make with chicken, sharp provolone, and spinach. You can have it topped with roasted red pepper and/or grilled onion but I think it's better without.

                                                  Conversely, I personally think their pastries are absolutely awful. But the bread and sandwiches are really good.

                                                  Oh, and the fishmonger two doors down has fabulous wild caught shrimp nearly every day.