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Oct 3, 2006 04:47 PM

Paris Restaurants for 20-somethings.

Hi, I'm in Paris for fashion-week with a group of twenty-somethings from NYC. We're all staying at different hotels/apartments around Le Marais, so I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for restaurants not too far from the area, or easily accessible on the Metro - not too far since, this is embarassing to admit, but getting 5 of us to meet at one place at the same time that's complicated to get to, I think might be impossible.

Looking for places that's not necessarily scene'y (like a pastis/balthazar) but wouldn't mind something with a younger-skewing crowd - but definitely not somewhere either too trendy or too stuffy. And in the 20-30 euro per person range?


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    1. Chez Omar has great cous-cous, located in the Marais, and a charming it-used-to-be-super popular-now-not-so-more-and-the waiters-will-talk-about-you-behind-your-back. Great food!

      1. strongly recommend Cinq Mars, 51, Rue de Verneuil.

        huge portions of homemade terrine, a gorgeous salad with an aromatic charred ham and rich meaty lentils, tuna carpaccio, decent mains (seem to remember sea bream) and exquisite mont blanc for dessert. definitely a youngish crowd (late 20s?), hip in a relaxed manhattan-loft kind of way, not at all snobby or formal. good place to spend a few hours and sample the extensive wine list.

        not too far from Solferino Metro, it's pretty much behind Musee D'orsay but as far from the tourist crawl as you're going to get in this area.