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Oct 3, 2006 04:29 PM

restaurant near St Clair and Warden

We will be visiting a patient at Providence villa this evening and I wondered if anyone had a recommendation for a little favorite place in that neighbourhood to eat at. Can be italian, thai, whatever, food of excellent quality, but very reasonable , definitely not a chain..the sort of place you would go to frequently for a quick bite, not planning to spend alot of hours there, fast and friendly..I think you get the picture..

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  1. There's a small plaza near the SE corner of Pharmacy and St Clair. In it contains a very good fish and chip shop called Hamish's Kitchen Restaurant. You can eat in. It's nothing fancy, but if you enjoy F&C, this place should do the trick. There's a BMO in the plaza as well----enjoy!

    1. Not exactly there, but pretty close:

      - Marvellous Edibles on St Clair between Warden and O'Connor (bistro)

      - Krispy Roll at Warden & Eglinton (Vietnamese)

      1. Pho Saigon at Warden and Eglington is really good. As good as Pho Hung at least. Richer broth in the Pho than there too.

        It is the corner business in the strip mall on the South West corner of Warden and Eglington. Nice, bright, clean, cheap, quick, good.

        1. I wanted to bump this post as I'm taking a client out for lunch in this area and would like your suggestions. Someplace a little more upscale than what has already been suggested would be preferable. Thanks in advance!

          PS. Ditto on "no chain restos"!