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Oct 3, 2006 04:23 PM

Best yet at Yi Soon - Possibly my favorite Boston Pastry

I had a new item at Yi Soon and it may be one of my favorite pastries in Boston, period.

It was a coffee roll. Can't really do it justice with a description.

Coffee sponge cake, very moist, just the right sweetness, strong coffe taste. Filled with a delicate amount of whipped cream, and toasted, very fresh, crunchy, candied walnuts. The whole is much better then the sum of its parts.

It was sublime. As good as any pastry I have eaten in Boston, and in it's own way up there with pastries I have eaten in Paris. I take my pastries very seriously and this is just a remarkable sweet.

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  1. I think it's time for an intervention... ;)

    1. That sounds so good , but it seems I always end up with the unexpected. Does it look like a bun or like a piece of cake and do you think its usually available?

      1. Log shaped. Rolled up sponge cake. Coffee colored. With a lighter grid pattern on coffee color.

        1. I was in there again today and tried it...or at least I tried something just like what StriperGuy describes, but without any walnuts. The cake is remarkably light and, as mentioned, not too sweet. I also tried a cheese tart which consisted of a creamy cheese filling in a shortbread-like crust. Haven't gotten to the jasmine-pine nut moon cake yet (the different kinds were all labelled on this visit). It's crazy how many tempting options they have. I wish the counter ladies were a little more friendly (a "hello" or a smile in response to my greeting would be nice) but it's a great little spot. Thanks for posting about it, StriperGuy!

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              Sounds outrageous; where is this place-Chinatown or other locale? Thanks

              1. re: mamamoose

                On Brighton Ave in Allston, next to Infusions Tea Spa.

                1. re: limster

                  appreciate the info; will definitely keep it in mind when the mood strikes.