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Oct 3, 2006 04:22 PM

Orlando - Epcot Food & Wine events this month

Is this a spectacular not-to-be-missed event?

I can't stand Orlando/Disney/Universal blah blah blah theme parks - I've been there too many times. I've always been fond of Epcot though - it must have been the food. :)

If it's fantastic, I'd reconsider driving up there. If it's nothing but mobs of people slugging wine ("do you have any dry whites?") and pushing through crowds to get more more more... I may pass.


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  1. We enjoy the South Beach Wine and Food Festival and have gone every year. Maybe its another idea to check out.

    1. Like many things, the festival has its peaks and valleys. They handle a hell of a lot of people in six weeks, from amateurs to the best.

      I went to Party of the Senses Saturday, as I have done every year since it started.

      About 25 or so chefs and about 30-35 wine and spirts stations. Wide range of quality and flavors. I thought they were a little too dependent on the Disney chefs this year.

      But it's a good value for the $90 (or so) ticket. Plus the $60 to get in, now it starts getting pricey.

      I'm doing three other events out there, a vertical, a chef's dinner and a 4 course food and wine pairing.

      I reccomend the event. But do your homework and plan out where you want to go and what you want to do. Most tickets for the events are long gone -- they do about 700 events -- but check online or with their reservation number to see what's available and go from there,


      1. Thanks for the info! :)