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Oct 3, 2006 04:13 PM

Harvey's Pastrami

Took my son to Harvey's Pastrami yesterday after football practice; there was no school so his coach had them practice in the morning.

Harvey's is on the corner of Palms and Motor (southwest corner). There was plenty of parking on Palms.

We actually live closer to both Johnnie's (which I did not enjoy last time I was there) and Markie Ds (which I like, but doesn't have pastrami). So, we decided on Harvey's which I pass every day on the way home from work.

We split hot pastrami and a steak sandwich. I don't eat cheese, so he went along with me. The pastrami came with mustard, pickles and grilled onions. The steak came with grilled onions and mayo. We made one a combo, so we could have fries. I also got a small pastrami to go for the son who could not tear himself away from Playstation (pretty productive on his day off from school, huh). Total was 21, which is, btw, way cheaper than Johnnie's for three sandwiches and a fries. The two large sandwiches were probably a little smaller than a Johnnie's sandwich. If it matters, we both thought we could have split two smalls after we saw the to-go sandwich.

We enjoyed both sandwiches. The pastrami was grilled until almost well done, but was very juicy. I mean, it wasn't really well done, but it had been grilled until the visible, white fat was cooked away. Johnnie's has been a "fat sandwich" the last few times I've been. The meat was peppery and had a good pastrami flavor. The grilled onions were a really nice touch.

Oh, the bread. The bread toasted and really good. I like it when a roll is toasted until the outside has almost a hard shell, but it's thin and when you bite in you get a soft warm doughy feel. The bread was different than Markie Ds or JP or most other sub places.

The steak was a good sandwich as well. Very soft meat, easy to chew. I prefer my steak sandwich with hot peppers and I didn't see that as an option (it might have been there, I just didn't see it). But the onions and mayo made for a solid sandwich. I would still go to MDs (and I want to go back to Philly West) for a steak with hot peppers and onions and mushrooms, but this was a different alternative.

The fries were fine, nothing sublime or anything, just good enough to offer a potato break betewen sandwich bites.

The menu had a lot of other things we wanted to try. The burgers looked really good on someone else's place. There was some Japanesey type things on the menu like teryaki burgers and some things with rice. There were also Italian subs. Actually, a pretty extensive menu, for a sub shop.

The lady behind the counter was really friendly and service was fast.

Note: This is not a drive across town for a sandwich place. This is not Langers or Brents or wherever you drive across town for a sandwich for. This is an "I"m in Mar Vista or Palms and would like a good lunch" sort of place.

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  1. I'm also glad I found Harvey's (probably from this board) a year or so ago. Very friendly accomodating service. Good portions, very fair prices. Not a destination place but very solid. I've also enjoyed both the pastrami and the "cheesesteak" and I order my fries well-done. My last time there a neighboring table had their rice plates with grilled meat on top that looked good.

      1. I can't believe this, but I've been going there for 15 years. Back then a friend from Philly took me because, to him, they had the best cheese steak in LA. I don't know if that claim can still be made, but Harvey's is as solid today as it was a decade and a half ago.

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        1. re: pinpei

          Do you know why there is a big Grand Opening sign on Harvey's these days?

          I've driven by a few times lately, but haven't stopped in.

          I'm wondering if they have new owners or something?

          1. re: PaulF

            The "Harvey's" sign is newish, too. The place used to just say "World's Best Pastrami" or something of that nature.

        2. Went to Harvey's recently. Got the pastrami sandwich. It's about $10 for this large sandwich with lots of meat and onions. I felt it was of average quality. Nothing special, too much bread (it's a big submarine bun). Like the other posters said, not a destination. Clean place, friendly service.