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Oct 3, 2006 04:05 PM

good breakfast at B&B within 1 hour of Newport

My significant other and I are going to a wedding reception in Newport, RI this Friday night, and we thought we would stay over at a B&B then walk around (either in the woods or a nice town for walking) that Friday night. Does anyone here have a suggestion for a B&B with good food in a relatively picturesque area good for such walking where we could stay? We'd prefer not to drive more than 1 hour to get there from Newport on Friday night as we'll probably be leaving the reception fairly late.

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  1. Have you thought about staying in Newport? This is the best time of the year to visit and there are tons of nice B&Bs with great brekkie nearby.

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      What are some good ones nearby? We'd definitely be fine with staying in and around Newport--I just assumed that more woods-ward would be better, but I've never been there; so I don't really know. Do you have some suggestions?

    2. Take a look at the Blueberry Cove Inn B&B in Narragansett. Not far from Newport and you can walk the beaches or around town.
      they have their own website.

      1. Check out the East Bay B & B across the bridge in the center of Jamestown.

        We've stayed there and enjoyed it very much. Others have rated it highly on tripadvisor. Owner is a gourmet chef, so breakfast is great. Walk to the Jamestown Oyster Bar or Chopmist Charlie's for dinner.

        Jerry Saywell

        1. B&Bs in Newport
          - Victorian Ladies Inn
          (less than one block from beach and Cliff Walk


          - Cliffside Inn
          (even closer to beach/Cliff Walk


          - Almondy
          (downtown, great location with parking


          The beaches on Aquidneck Island are gorgeous. There are three town beaches and Sachuest Point, a wildlife Preserve. I mentioned Cliff Walk, which is one of the "must sees" b/c of its path along the coast and by the famous Newport cottages (Gilded Age mansions)

          To find these URLS, I went to and searched Newport.

          1. Bay Voyage in jamestown is very popular for breakfast and Brunch, it is located right on the waterfront.


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              I agree with the Bay Voyage Inn. Their accommodtions are great and the Sunday Brunch buffet is the best in the state.

              It's a short and very pleasant walk to the center of town.

              Jerry Saywell

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                Jerry, you've inspired me. I've never been "over the bridge to the other island" for brunch before. Love my Atlantic Grille for brekkie, esp. w/ the NYT