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Oct 3, 2006 03:58 PM

I still hate the new design and here's why. . .

There is too much white and other wasted space. Why does the site have to have huge fonts and all sorts of extra unused space. No, it shouldn't be so crowded that it's ugly and hard to read, but you've gone way too far in the other direction. I've seen other boards that look good and are easy to use, so I know for a fact that you can pack far more text onto a screen and have it be far more readable than this is. Is there actually anyone who likes the way this looks? Go look at No,it's design wouldn't work perfectly for you, since it doesn't lend itself to threads; each board is a single ongoing conversation, but it looks good and is easy to use. They did a GOOD job of creating a readable site. You did not.

You've spent all this time designing a fancy, shmancy page that I guess is supposed to look like a page sitting on a desk or something, and the search function still sucks. Any other site on which I do a search can handle some more advanced functions, yet you, supposedly oh so good at this website thing, still can't let me search "spice market" so that it brings up only instances of that phrase, not every damn post with the word spice or the word market in it. Annoying, annoying, annoying.

Why does the page extend past the right margin of my screen? On the page I'm on right now, the ads on the right are cut in half. I have no actual interest in the ads, so I don't much care about that, but I do mind when the right post column on the list of boards is cut in half.

Why are you so bad at this?

I used to read this site regularly and post sometimes. Now, I hardly ever read it. I hate that you've ruined it for me.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Right now I see everything on the page perfectly, never have it any other way. Not sure why your page is cut off or why you see huge fonts...perhaps you need to check your settings.

      As for "too much of this and that", if I did understand what you meant exactly, this would not bother me. The point of this site is not the aesthetics, though they are important to a point. I have not really thought about whether I love or hate how it looks, it never occurred to me to assess it. I am happy with it, I focus on what I like that you brought it up, I do not really see the problem. I can understand some issues with functionality, these are being handled as best as they can.

      Perhaps learn to enjoy it for what it is, look forward to tweaks and improvements and then decide if you want to continue lurking or posting or ??. I find that the value here far exceeds any minor irritations.

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      1. re: Michele4466

        I don't care whether it's pretty, per se. I care whether it's easy to use. It's not. They could do better. I know this because I use other sites that do better. They choose not to. So, yeah, I'm pissed because they took something I liked and messed with it.

      2. Try not to get too hung up on looks. If you can still get seven pages of notes (your words) from posting a question here, then the site still works.

        1. I love the way the site looks as opposed to how it used to be. It's so much cleaner. Just my thoughts.

          1. Huge fonts, right side cut off, it sounds like you may have something wrong with your display properties. In Windows you should have the font size set to normal or small. What text size is set in the browser? What screen resolution is set in the control panel display properties? What size/type of monitor? I'm sure other people are not experienceing the cut-off problem.

            Also what you say about the search function is not entirely true. While the capability to search for phrases doesn't seem to be working, it is locating only those threads where both cold AND soup occur in the same thread and does not return any threads where only one of the words is present but not the other.